KFB Legislative Update

Jamie) Welcome back. Now let’s go to Leah Fliter for this week’s Legislative Update.
(Sheridan) Leah and tell me what we’ve got going on in February for Kansas Farm Bureau? (Leah) On February 11th we will have approximately 200 Farm Bureau members of Kansas travel to Topeka to receive issue briefings and advocacy training which will equip them to advocate their grassroots policy with their Legislators while they’re in Topeka.
(Sheridan) What kind of issues will be discussed at Day at Statehouse? (Leah) Well, political leadership will give a general overview of what they expect the session to look like. We’ll also get some specific information on the tax overview, on education issues and on water issues. Members will also have a chance to attend committee hearings that are going on in the afternoon at the Statehouse, that’s always a good way for people to get educated on the process and really see how the Legislature works on a daily basis. (Sheridan) So, why would it be important for our Farm Bureau members to attend? (Leah) Well Sheridan, I think most folks in agriculture know, but maybe others don’t know, that the Legislature is dominated by urban counties and urban interests and urban Legislators, so it’s incredibly important for our agriculture and rural members to get to Topeka to discuss our important issues with their Legislators so that our voices can be heard in the policy process.
(Jamie) After the break we’ll be back with Mary Kay Thatcher, Senior Director of Congressional Relations for the American Farm Bureau Federation.

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