KFB Legislative Update with Kent Askren

(Jamie) Welcome back. Up next is this week’s Kansas Farm Bureau Legislative Update.
(Kent) We’ve been working on just fine tracking several water bills this session. Some of them deal with things like the multi-year flex account program, which has been popular with many of our members making it a little more flexible and easier to use. The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program expanding that, not only to deal with water quantity issues, but also water quality and help address some of the sensitive environmental areas of our state. Failure to submit an annual Water Use Report is another bill that has been going through the Legislature and would increase some of the penalties and actually even provide and explore some short term suspension of water rights if that doesn’t happen. But probably the…what it looks like now is we may have what we refer to as the Water Mega Bill developing. It came out of the Senate last week. It’s now being rolled over into Senate Substitute for House Bill 2059. It started out as a surface water feed bill and it would still have some of those provisions in it. But in addition to that there would have been some exemptions considered for allowing liquid fertilizer to be injected into irrigation systems from surface water storage facilities without being required to have Chemigation Permits. So, keeping a close eye on that. And those are really the highlights of the bills that we have at this time. Many others in the background. We’ll be following these most closely up until the close of the session.
(Jamie) Hope you enjoyed this week’s Legislative Update. Stay with us for Duane’s conversation with Mark Harms.

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