KFB Legislative Update

(Jamie) Now for this week’s Kansas Farm Bureau Legislative Update with Ryan Flickner.
(Ryan) Had the opportunity to talk to Legislators before the session starts and I think there’s an almost unanimous agreement, but probably not quite, that the session will likely be or hopefully be shorter than usual. It is an election year so I think that probably plays in to it. No doubt about it, some of the budget numbers and revenue numbers weren’t quite where expectations and estimates thought they would be. So, I think once again, we’re going to be discussing budgets and taxes and revenues. But getting away I guess, a little of just the budget and revenue picture, I think some of the other bills likely to come up may be a couple of ’em from the Department of Agriculture that will impact rural Kansas and Kansans, dealing with some water rights and MIFAs and penalty matrix. As well a noxious weeds bill that the Department of Agriculture and county weed directors have been working on for a couple of sessions now. That seems to be the major weight of the session from an agricultural perspective at least at this point in time.
(Jamie) Don’t go away – after the break Duane visits with K-State’s Dr. Jeff Whitworth about insect control in alfalfa.

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