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(Rich) Good morning, I’m Rich Felts, President of Kansas Farm Bureau. And what an exciting time to have my first opportunity to lead this group. And we’ve got several issues that are going to be on our table tomorrow when we do our business session. But here today we’ve had the opportunity to recognize a lot of friends of Kansas Farm Bureau and some people that work in our counties have been very dedicated to the service of the county and their state Farm Bureau. And we are a grassroots organization and throughout the year we do have opportunities for members to serve the issues of concern to them. We have our Issue Surfacing meetings in the spring. We have a Resolutions process. And then in the fall we will have Listening Posts to surface the issues that have been brought about in the other districts so everybody can be exposed to those issues. So everybody has a little bit of an idea of what’s coming. At this point we don’t have a lot of issues, major issues that have come through the process, but to me that’s not all bad because that says we have a pretty sound policy to begin with. But still if there are need for changes, we do have that opportunity for those individual members to make changes. So one thing that we’re gonna do is this evening is, we’re going to introduce one of our new groups. And it’s gonna be called Speak. And it’s gonna be a group that is specialized primarily in social media. We all know that so much of what we do doesn’t take place on the radio and TV or newspaper anymore. It’s done through social media. And not always from the most credible sources and hopefully that we can have individuals that can speak to our issues and our concerns and get the true value of what’s going on in production agriculture to the consumers. Oh, it’s very important for our farmers to get involved. And I think we have so many of our farmers that they just choose to let somebody else do it, they’re doing alright. But it’s so important in our process today. We’re not just all political. Agriculture education is going to be more and more important and that’s one thing. But even if it’s neighbor to neighbor or it’s relative to relative, the importance of knowing a little bit about the issues, who to contact and make an impact with. It’s very easy. Anymore we have so many people that are connected with the web, kfb.org, it gets you on and from there we have a new web page that you can work through and there’s a process in there that you can be a member, to be a new member, renew memberships but it also gives you an overall idea of what’s going on in the organization.

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