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(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor and the Kansas Farm Bureau Update.
(Micheal Clements) AFBF Senior Director of Congressional Relations, Mary Kay Thatcher, says now is the time to consider and recommend Farm Bill policies. (Mary Kay Thatcher) The House and Senate Ag Committees have both been very clear that they’re going to start listening sessions in the country and hearings in Washington, so we need to be engaged now, or it will be too late. And I think farmers need to understand that it would be a very bad idea to split the nutrition title off from the rest of the farm programs because that’s the way that we get the Farm Bill passed. (Clements) Thatcher says AFBF has resources online for farmers and ranchers regarding the farm bill. (Thatcher) You can get to it by FB.org backslash farm bill resources. So, go on there, see what kind of topics you’re interested in, often times they come with a pretty nice graph and maps to help you understand the issues even better and there are some videos and lots of resources on that website. (Clements) She says AFBF members can use the information to build policy suggestions. (Thatcher) We have a lot of people that haven’t had their state annual meetings yet and feeding into that process so that when we come up to the AFBF annual meeting in January we have good strong policy telling us what the biggest concerns are. Once we know the concerns we can spend some time analyzing different options and figuring out what farmers need to make a good decision. (Clements) Again, you can find the Farm Bill resources online at fb.org/farmbillresources. Micheal Clements, Washington.
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