KLA Update from Matt Perrier

Matt Perrier) Good morning, I’m Matt Perrier from Eureka, Kansas. I’m currently serving as president of the Kansas Livestock Association. This is your KLA Update for today. KLA has been very busy throughout the summer and fall working on a variety of different areas, primarily right now, we are convening a group of folks from throughout our industry in Kansas to talk about some issues we’ve had in terms of the marketing of fed cattle. The two main components of this group is talking about price discovery and risk management of these fed cattle. These are two very important issues that have come to the point after the last several months of price downturn that producers have set up and become engaged, and hopefully we’ll look for some innovative solutions to help remedy some of these large swings in the fed cattle, consequently the feeder cattle markets. On another note, our entire membership will have the opportunity to come together this November 30th through December 2nd, that’s a Wednesday through Friday in Wichita, Kansas. Our annual KLA Convention will be held at the Hyatt Regency Century II Convention Center. We invited all of our members from the industry to come and enjoy the trade show, enjoy the camaraderie and be part of the policy making process that is the Kansas Livestock Association. If you are a member already, we thank you for your membership, if you’re not a member of KLA and NCBA, we do ask that you consider that. This is not something that any of us as individual cattlemen can tackle in terms of lobbying in Topeka or Washington DC. It is a group effort, and when we build consensus, then we are able to take those issues to our policy makers, to the industry, and work together. We all do thrive and we all do make it a better business environment for all members, so we invite you to log on to KLA.

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