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(Kevin) Good morning, I’m Kevin Thielen, the Executive Director of the Kansas Beef Council coming to you today from Cattleman’s Day at Kansas State University. We have all of our staff members here today rolling out and showing some of the things we’ve got going on in the nutrition world. Some of the social media activities we’ve got going, along with some of our Kansas Beef Endurance Team activities. I think producers recognize that we’ve had a little bit of a correction in the cattle market and that’s certainly been something that Kansas Beef Council has been focused on. One of the things that we are really seeing is the price at retail is starting to come down and retailers actually have pretty good margins right now. So, as a beef producer what you’re going to see coming up here is you’re going to see a lot more featuring of beef items in the newspapers. We’re already starting to see that and I think that’s really going to help drive demand for our product. The other thing I was wanting to talk with you a little bit about today is U.S. Meat Export Federation is pretty positive related to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). And we have seen in 2015, even though we saw a decrease in the value of exports, exports in 2015 accounted for about $260 dollars per beef animal so still a major function of what we do from a value standpoint, we saw a $60 dollar setback in those prices. And a lot of that has to do with buying power when you think about a company that comes to buy beef basically what they’re doing is our beef was more expensive with the increase in the dollar. With TPP what is expected is some of those really key markets that the U.S. Meat Export Federation works with, such as Japan, Korea we’re going to see some of those tariffs that we pay actually coming down. When beef goes into those countries our tariff is as high as 35 percent, and over the next 15 years, we’re going to see that coming down probably in some cuts even down to zero. (Audrey) We are celebrating National Nutrition Month at the Kansas Beef Council and we have several exciting programs in store for the month. We’re distributing information about beef’s role in a healthy diet to several groups in Kansas that are important in making nutrition decisions, folks like health departments, school nurses, K-State Research and Extension. We are also hosting a webinar later this month about the role of protein in the diet, specifically in athlete’s diets. So, we’re talking about endurance athletes. We’re talking to our Kansas Team Beef which is a group of runners who are enthusiastic about beef and protein in the diet. So, we will be hosting a couple of webinars for them to discuss the role of protein in their training and competition diets. We also have a lot of programs on slate for the month of April. We are continuing to spread the word about the 30 Day Protein Challenge, which is a tool that you can sign up for on beefitswhatsfordinner.com to receive an email everyday for 30 days telling you how to increase the amount of protein that you have in your diet. It contains recipes, tip sheets on what foods contain protein, it encourages consumers to really take a look at their diet and say, “How do I feel when I eat say a carbohydrate rich breakfast, versus how do I feel when I eat adequate amounts of protein for breakfast?” So, we’re continuing to spread the word about that tool, as well as get in front of groups that are influential in our state such as the Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Kansas Nutrition Council. So to sign up for the 30 Day Protein Challenge, go to www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com and take a look at those resources and sign up for that daily email.

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