KS Farm Bureau Legislative Update

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor and the Kansas Farm Bureau Legislative Update.
(Nancy) On our website at www.kfb.org/firerelief we have some links on there for folks who would like to donate. They can click on those links, they can see what people are needing, they can put out there whatever it is they would like to donate, whether that would be labor, fencing supplies, whatever type of item they would like to donate to those in need down there. They can list that out there. For those who have been impacted by the fire, they can go to the same website and see what’s available and they can also list the things that they are needing. It is just an exchange of information for those who are wanting to donate items and those who are in need of those. You can also donate funds. We have a link on there so you can donate dollars to our KFB Foundation for Agriculture. Those dollars are being set aside specifically for fire relief. Once those are collected they’ll be distributed by the local county Farm Bureaus in the Barber and Comanche County areas. We’ve seen a great response so far. We have had a lot of folks, the generosity is overwhelming at times. We’ve seen a lot of folks get on there to donate all kinds of things and I think the main thing that is being donated at the time is labor, which is really of the biggest cost. People are donating their time to help their neighbors in need. We also do have several of the ranchers impacted by the fire that have gone on and indicated what they need as well. Just today we’ve had a lot of people accept some of those offers for labor. It’s kind of neat to see this exchange between folks to get the work done as they work to recover. I think one of the first things is document your losses. Any kind of documentation you have especially for livestock producers of your calving records and things like that and now in the aftermath of the fire, take photos, photos of those fences that are burned, photos of the animals maybe that you’ve lost if you have the opportunity to do that. But just real good documentation of what your losses are is going to help you a lot when you to apply for some of the programs that are available through the FSA, through the Farm Service Agency. Again, on our website at ksb.org/firerelief on the right hand side of that page we have a link for additional resources and that will take you to a website created by the Kansas Department of Agriculture where they have listed some of the programs available through the Farm Service Agency and some other resources to help those who have been impacted by the fire. We just encourage folks to donate if you can. This is going to be a very long road to recovery for those impacted. The grass will grow back and it will be green, but they’ve got a lot of work to do outside of that. They’ve got a lot of fence to rebuild. They’ve got a lot of livestock that has been lost that needs to be replaced. They’re going to have some animal health issues, some things like that that will be ongoing for quite some time. I just encourage folks, if you can, to help. It will be a long road to recovery, so any help is appreciated.
(Jamie) Hope you enjoyed this week’s Kansas Farm Bureau Legislative Update. After the break we’ll join Duane and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt.

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