KS Farm Bureau Legislative Update

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor and the Kansas Farm Bureau Legislative Update.
(KFB President Rich Felts) We were there on Sunday. The LEADS trip has changed from what used to be our President’s trip to Leaders Engaged and Acting in D.C. The purpose is to expose our county leadership to D.C. to see the political process and to also see how the Farm Bureau represents county Farm Bureau members. This was a little different this time. On Sunday the first day we did have a tour that went up to Annapolis to see the Naval Academy and an old English town. The other focal points I think, were the orientation that we had from American Farm Bureau staff and then the opportunity for all our county people to see their delegation. We were fortunate that our group got to see all of our Kansas delegation, one-on-one. It was particularly of interest this time with the labeling bill being the issue of focus and the role that Senator Roberts was playing in that. The opportunity to hear from him and the push that he was having to hopefully prevail, which they did not, but his work towards that bill. I think it is very important in that it gives these people in the county the opportunity to see as an organization, we’re a connection organization and they can see how they’re being represented at the nation’s capitol. I think one, they’re always in awe about D.C., and the magnitude of just the physical facilities that are there. But also just a completely different area that most of us as Kansans don’t see day in and day out. I think it’s just important that we do take the opportunity to have our county people go and see how their government works and how their organization functions at that level.
(Jamie) Hope you enjoyed this week’s Kansas Farm Bureau Legislative Update. After the break we’ll join Duane as he visits with Matthew Splitter, a sorghum producer from central Kansas.

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