KS Foundation for AG in the Classroom Bookmark Contest Winners

(Michael Goehring) It’s that time of year when some of the most talented young artists compete for the Kansas Foundation of Agriculture in the Classroom Bookmark Contest. See what some of the winners had to say about their inspiration behind this year’s theme, Farm Animals and Me. (Hayden Sinclair) My name is Hayden and I go to Service Valley. I’m in kindergarten. The farm we have at school and so I wanted to draw the farm like it and then I thought of the horse that I have, Baby, and I drew her, and then I thought I could draw some other animals like a chicken and a pig, and so I drew one. (Alexis Todd) Hi, my name is Lexi Todd; I’m from Bluemont Elementary in Manhattan, Kansas. I got this idea from part of it was a book and part of it I just looked outside through my window. I have a horse, I have two dogs, I have four cats and I have a rabbit. (Cash Young) I go to Cheney Elementary and my name is Cash Young. I drew everything that would be on a farm, a normal usual farm and right here I am putting a tag on a baby calf, and the tractors running and it’s putting hay and cow feed into the feed bunk, and here’s the grain bins and here’s a horse and here’s my barn and my feed wagon is behind my tractor, and I’m standing on of the hay bales. (Claire Herman) My name is Claire, and I go to St. Dominic’s school, and I’m in fourth grade. I drew a pig and a cow and a girl feeding, that has feed in a bucket. I just like to enter a drawing contest. (Elizabeth Galloway) I’m Elizabeth Galloway I live in Allen, Kansas. I’m from Reading Elementary and I won the fifth-grade bookmark competition. The part where there’s a horse, I love horses, so that’s why I do that and there’s a rabbit at my school and it’s super cute so I just wanted to incorporate that. I love farm animals so I just tried to incorporate all the ones I could think of. The Capitol, inside it was beautiful, and it was very nice to get a picture with him since he represents Kansas, kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing. (Kaylee Milligan) My name is Kaylee Milligan; I’m from El Dorado. My school is out in the middle of the farm. I go to the middle school. I was really surprised when I found out that I won. My grandpa lives in Clay Center out on the farm, he owns one, so I’m used to being around a lot of animals. I love out in the country and every time we drive by I always see these different types of animals.

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