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Natalie) Hi I’m Natalie Anderson, I’m the Communications Coordinator with the Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom and I’m excited to be here today at our annual Art Celebration and Teacher of the Year Celebration. The Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom has been doing an art contest for over 15 years. It’s open to all Kansas students, Grade K-6. And the contest culminates in a big celebration at the Capitol every year in March during Ag Month. And today we’re celebrating eight students from across the state who won their grade level with their art. This year’s theme was “Pollinators Put Food on the Table,” bringing awareness to the important role that pollinators play in our food production. (Blaire) Hi I’m Blaire and I drew a picture. I just looked up on my Mom’s phone how to draw a sunflower, then how to draw an earth and then I put butterflies and bees and put corn over here because I said, “Kansas Farmers,” and then “Feed the World” and with bees and butterflies. (Hope) Hi, my name is Hope Ewy. I won the second grade prize for the 2016 Bookmark Art Contest. The theme was “Pollinators Putting Food on the Table.” I drew a bunch of pollinators like butterflies, bees, a beetle, hummingbird, bat, things like that. And corn, blueberries, flowers, carrots, peas, green beans, and then all on the plate. And in really bold words, “Pollinators Put Food on the Plate.” (Kyndra) Hi I am Kyndra and I will show you my picture. So, I wanted to draw the title and then I wanted to draw a pollinator and then I wanted to draw some food that they pollinate. And then I wanted to draw some animals and then some plants. (Bethany) Hello, my name is Bethany DeDonder. And when I was at home coming up with my picture, I was trying to think of something that nobody else would think of. When I think of pollinators, I think of bees pollinating plants to put food on family’s tables. So I thought, don’t they do that for their own families? So I thought it would be cool to come up with a family of bees having their own meal that they came up with themselves. (Boden) I’m Boden Benitz and I drew this picture because I saw a picture of an airplane carrying a banner so I decided to draw a butterfly carrying a banner. And whenever I think of pollination a butterfly is the first thing that comes to my mind. (Jorah) My name is Jorah Harbaugh, and I’m from Pretty Prairie Middle School. I started out drawing a table. When I got the table finished I kind of just thought up the ideas of pollinators and the type of food that they produce. And I just ended up drawing a few of the foods that I thought were pretty main. Then I drew a couple of bees to go along with the pollinator. I guess I drew flowers to help go along with the pollinators helping put the food on the table. (Michaela) My name is Michaela Crow, I go to Flint Hills Christian School and I am in sixth grade. I drew my picture kind of in a split form because I wanted to be able to show that the girl is talking to her Mother and the pollinator doing the pollinating. So, you can see that and then you can see what it puts on the table, since that’s the theme. (Natalie) So, we’re here today. We’re getting ready to have photos taken with Governor Brownback, each student. Received a copy of their bookmark and bookmarks that they can hand out to their friends and family. And we’ll have some yummy desserts to celebrate after. (Hope) I got to take a picture with the Governor and the Statehouse is really, really cool. (Bethany) It was very amazing to get to be able to come to the Statehouse and take my picture with the Governor because that’s not an opportunity that not everybody gets every day all the time. (Boden) It’s cool because I get to come to the State Capitol and take a picture with the Governor. (Michaela) I like taking pictures with the Governor and being able to see the Capitol because it looks really neat. (Natalie) And we’re also recognizing our Teachers of the Year. There was one Teacher of the Year, Ray Huff from Service Valley Charter School. And then three Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture Excellence in Teaching Award winners that are also being recognized today. So, we’re just really excited to be here. This is one of our most favorite projects and programs each year and just happy that all the kids could be here and enjoy this special time.

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