KS Soybean Update with Patrick Delaney

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor and the Kansas Soybean Update.
(Greg Akagi) This is the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the Kansas Soybean Commission. The Soybean Checkoff, Progress Powered by Kansas Farmers. Patrick Delaney, Policy Communications Director at the American Soybean Association joins us. And Patrick, ASA produces a guide called SoyStats, which you can find at soystats.com. What’s the reasoning behind producing the SoyStats guide? (Patrick Delaney) The SoyStats is an annual publication that contains all your top line facts and figures about the soybean crop for that year as compared to years previous. We’ve got everything from planning data, to yield, to crush yield and oil quantities, all of our trade work, our work on biodiesel, it’s all in a nice, handy to read format. It fits right in your pocket, and it’s something that we really have gotten some great help from our state affiliates, including the Kansas Soybean Commission on producing it for the last few years. (Greg) And it’s really comprehensive, it might not even cover it there just because, even at the start you talk about what the composition of a soybean is before you even get to the numbers. (Patrick) Absolutely. It’s designed to be a handy reference guide for farmers. If you’re there talking with folks who may not understand what exactly the soybean goes into, how it is processed, how it is grown — there is kind of a handy cheat sheet at the front end that just talks about it in really simple, easy to understand terms. (Greg) But those numbers also show the growth of what we’ve seen within this industry too. (Patrick) That’s absolutely right. Two records were set last year. We have a record production of 3.93 billion bushels here in the United States, and our average yield nationwide was up to 48 bushels an acre, which is really very good. But it also points out a lot of the trends that we’ve been seeing in growth in exports, growth in exports specifically to China, growth in the biodiesel industry, growth in the use of biotechnology. It really provides a nice snapshot over the last few years of how our industry has grown. (Greg) You had mentioned the state affiliates like the Kansas Soybean Commission with their sponsorship of the SoyStats, but that’s really a tremendous support that you have from those state affiliates across the United States. (Patrick) There’s no question about it. We have 26 state and regional affiliates as we do there in Kansas, and they really do represent the breadth and diversity of our industry. We are in everywhere from the Deep South up to the Great Plains, and on up north into the Great Lakes region. Each state really brings something very unique, and an attitude and a viewpoint very diverse and valuable to our organization. (Greg) Patrick, I appreciate your time. Thank you very much. (Patrick) Thanks for having me, Greg. (Greg) Patrick Delaney, Policy Communications Director with the American Soybean Association joins us on the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the Kansas Soybean Commission. The Soybean Checkoff, Progress Powered by Kansas Farmers. Learn more at kansassoybeans.org. For Kansas Soybeans, I’m Greg Akagi.
(Jamie) Hope you enjoyed this week’s Kansas Soybean Update. After the break let’s join Kyle and Kris Lancaster, spokesperson for agriculture in Region 7 of the EPA.

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