KS Soybean Update with Raylen Phelon

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor and the Kansas Soybean Update.
(Greg) This is the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the Soybean Commission. The Soybean Checkoff, Progress Powered by Kansas Farmers. Raylen Phelon who was a soybean farmer from Melvern is joining us. He also serves as President of the Kansas Soybean Association and Raylen it’s been a busy time here in the past several weeks and one of the things that was done was a Legislative luncheon that took place. (Raylen)That’s when we go to the Statehouse and we buy lunch for all the Legislators. And the purpose of that is so we can build some relationships with our representative, whether it be the House of Representatives or the Senators and even their staff too. It’s always good to have them come to the luncheon so we can get to know them and they can get to know us. If there’s a bill that comes up that we’re needing to talk to or they need some help with, we’re there to help them with it. (Greg) Raylen, Kansas Soybeans was also one of the commodity groups to host the Wake Up to Kansas Agriculture Legislative Breakfast. (Raylen) We do that every year, Kansas soybean farmers that took the lead on it this year, along with wheat, grain sorghum and the corn growers. It’s a good time where we get to bring the representatives to come in for breakfast and we can talk about issues or we can talk about what’s going on in our communities and it’s just a real good time for us to get to know each other a little bit better, kind of like the Legislative luncheon. (Greg) One of the things to talk about and that would be the Association Commission Division of Labor. (Raylen) There’s a lot of farmers out in the state of Kansas that they see their checkoff dollars come out whenever they sell a load of beans and they think, well gee, I’m a member of the Kansas Soybean Association, but that is not really true. It’s a very definitive line between the association and the commission. The commission, they cannot use any checkoff dollars to do any lobbying of any kind. And so that’s why we make an effort to try to draw members in, buy a membership. It’s a very small fee. Actually there’s several seed companies that participate with us and they’ll give the farmers back the seed and give us diesel fuel. The association they do a lot of work on the policy side. Biodiesel is one thing that we work on the checkoff dollars. The association they also work on farm bills Another thing is 179 tax incentive, there was a big push towards that and that was one of our success stories. But what farmers need to know is, that the checkoff dollars cannot and are not used for any lobbying efforts. So that’s why it’s so important if you’re a soybean farmer out there, spend $70 bucks for a year and become a member of your association. I encourage anybody, not just the Soybean Association, all the commodity groups because they do a lot of good work and the dollars are needed to help keep up lobbying efforts and keep policy on the front burner for us. (Greg) That is Raylen Phelon from Melvern, also serving as President of the Kansas Soybean Association. He’s been our guest on the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the Kansas Soybean Commission. The Soybean Checkoff, Progress Powered by Kansas Farmers. Learn more at kansassoybeans.org. For Kansas Soybeans, I’m Greg Akagi.
(Jamie) Hope you enjoyed this week’s Kansas Soybean Update. After the break Kyle talks with Matthew Costello with Rabo AgriFinance about the on-going drought in Australia and how it affects exports.

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