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Chris) Hello and welcome to Horsin’ Around, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State Veterinary Health Center. Today joined by Dr. Beth Davis. Dr. Davis is our Equine Section Head and Internal Medicine Specialist here at the Vet School. So welcome. (Beth) Thank you. (Chris) We have some exciting news about a building or a facility that is going to be joining us here at the Vet School and I guess just real quick tell us a little bit about this building or facility. (Beth) Well, thank you Dr. Blevins. It’s really an exciting time. We have an Equine Performance Testing Center that we broke ground last week on November 4th And this facility is going to allow us to evaluate patients in all sorts of weather conditions. We’re going to be able to work with our veterinary students in a better facility than what we have right now. So, it’s going to allow us to work them up, diagnostic capabilities such as X-rays and ultrasound, a client consultation room, a farrier area, as well as the actual arena itself, which is about 120 by 60 foot arena. And then we also have a hard surface trot area where we can work ’em in circles and a trot up that will be the entire length of the arena. (Chris) Well, I think that’s, you know, quite impressive as far as just the difference in the footing in addition to having more of a stable environment to do some of those work ups. As far as what else, you talked about lameness work ups, kind of the whole goal of the facility is. (Beth) Sure. Yep. So, it’s to do the lameness evaluation both in hand as well as under saddle. So we’ll be able to expand what we can do right now. Obviously doing things like nerve blocks and localizing the site of the problem. And then to do the imaging at the center so that we can take radiographs and/or ultrasound and then if we need farrier work to be performed we can do all of that in this outpatient facility. (Chris) Think that one thing that some people that were very interested and have seen some of the plans for were, are we doing everything over there, as kind of what they’re kind of wondering? Are we moving the whole equine hospital over there and I guess you can shed a little bit of light on that aspect. (Beth) Right. And that’s certainly understandable that that would be a question. It’s our intent that our hospital will run as usual. So, anybody that comes in and needs advanced care this is where they’ll be. But if we have a patient that comes for an evaluation of performance limitation, they’ll get worked up in this facility and they may never come into the hospital. (Chris) That is great. Well, as far as the building itself, when are they going to actually…I know we’ve broke ground for the facility, when do we foresee this building being finished and in use? (Beth) Right. So, we’ve got about a 12-month timeline right now. So, we broke ground November 4th. We’re in the final document stages right now and the plan is that they will be out there working as soon as Mother Nature allows us. And really we expect to be working on lameness cases next year at this time in that facility. (Chris) That’s gonna be exciting. Is there any other issues or needs with the facility? I know that the building is gonna be built, but is there any other aspects or phases that would help with the building. (Beth) Sure and so we’ve been very fortunate. We’ve had some really wonderful support, but we do have some other areas of need with things like imaging equipment and even some of the things to help us take care and manage that arena with equipment and drags and that sort of thing. Our development office has that information wish list, those sorts of things. And so it encourages people to contact us if they’re interested in helping with the project. We’re really excited about it. (Chris) And so to contact us they could contact us here at the Large Animal Desk or is there any other place that they would potentially contact or go online for? (Beth) Yea, they could certainly start with contacting us at the Large Animal Desk and we’ll direct them to the College Development office. (Chris) Alright. Well, thank you Dr. Davis. Very exciting news, having the new facility that’s going to get started and obviously there’s a lot of lame horses that are around there and performance issues and this is going to be very exciting for that need here in Kansas that we’re gonna get started with. So, thank you very much. (Beth) Thank you Dr. Blevins. (Chris) And that should be good for Horsin’ Around and we’ll see you around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at the Veterinary Health Center.

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