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(Ignacio) So we are getting back to you and at this point we would like to advertise Sorghum Schools. When farmers and people are asking, what are the specialists doing during the winter break I mean, we probably are out trying to extend all the information that we collected during the summer and make sure that farmers and crop consultants are really getting that information for making really good decisions and informed decisions for the next coming growing season. So, this is a very traditional school that we continue for several years is the Kansas Sorghum Schools. And the Kansas Sorghum School is planned for the second week of February this year on the 2015 they will be basically. It’s our joint program between the Kansas State University Agronomy Department, the Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission that is primarily funding all the schools. And that’s why this school is the same as the soybean and corn schools are- no cost and fee just because we can have sponsors and we have each of the commissions sponsoring both the schools. What about topics, what about different presentations is what the main questions that I receive from people and from farmers. And the schools this year, we are trying to change the focus. We will try to have more specific topics on the Sorghum Schools, see a diverse and very nice variety of topics. We will go from weed control, insects, we go on range management, proaction practices and nutrient management. So, we will try to cover all of the adversity of what are the pro action factors and what are the decision making factors that you really need to consider when you are producing your crop. But the goal is each of the speakers and presentations will try to be more specific about one topic, or one specific kind. So the goal of these schools are to provide the most information on sorghum production to the farmers and we will go on in the way that we started the school around probably 9 a.m. in the morning, probably 20-30 minutes before registration. And then we will try to end before 4 p.m. When you are asking about locations this year we will go in central and western Kansas and we will have four locations around the state. So, one of the first locations will be in Garden City on February 10th. And that’s a Tuesday on the second week of February. From there we are moving to February 11th and that will be on Wednesday. And we are going to Oakley. And then from February 11th at Oakley we are moving to February 12th, that is a Thursday and we will be in school and be located in Hutchinson. And by Friday the last day of the week, we are planning to be at Ottawa and the last school that we are planning to offer for Sorghum Schools for the 2015 calendar year. So, when you thinking about the schools and when you are thinking about. OK, I have information about speakers, I have information locations, so now how can I register for the schools? So, we have a couple of options for you to register for the schools depends on how flexible you are in terms of either doing it yourself, or getting a phone call or sending an email. So, if you are trying to do it yourself, and trying to go to our website, we have all information about the Sorghum Schools in our Agronomy E-Update that is coming out on the last, one of the last weeks of December. So, how do you reach the Agronomy E-Updates? So, you go to agronomy.ksu.edu website, that’s our website for the K-State Agronomy Department and inside there you have a tab that is called E-Updates. So, you just go inside of that tab and you can surf around the different E-Updates. Take a look at the last ones under December 2014 you will find the announcement, the news release for the Sorghum Schools. Inside of announcements we have a link that you can go to our website real easy registration process, the only thing you need to consider is your name your last name and your email. Just pick one of the schools or how many schools you want to attend and then you do the submission so that you are registered. If you say I’m not that familiar with that website, I’m not that familiar with that approach, you have a couple of options-you can email extension agents, you can also email us here at the Agronomy Extension Department and also what you can do is to call to your local office. Remember that we have K-State agents around different counties so just call the local office or call us, and call just the extension office. So, we have all the different approaches and help to register and all the topics are being set and locations are prepared. These schools always offer very nice, kind of a different topics, we have lunch, they are no cost and the Grain Sorghum Commission is sponsoring schools and also we are glad to have some other partners that will be helping us to support the schools, the Chromatin Sorghum Partners Company. We will have BSF with Huskee. We will also have KFRM radio station that will be helping us to promote the schools around the state. So, if you are thinking about sorghum production and what are the new topics for making really informed decisions for your next coming years, you should just put in your calendar the K-State Sorghum Schools that will be just one stop for you, get all the information, and then you will be good to go. Thanks, hope to see you there.

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