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(Ignacio) So we are now back with you and last we had a very short introduction about the Corn Schools. This time I would like to also to get some information to you about Soybean Schools. Soybeans Schools is a second year event. We started with Soybeans Schools last year. So, this year we will have Soybeans Schools for the second time and the idea will be so we’ll have four schools around the state. Those schools will be primarily focused on different topics. And the schools will be the first week of February. So remember this first week of February four different locations. More precise we will have four locations and we are trying to cover all the central and the eastern sections of the state, so we’ll go from February 3rd that is a Tuesday, we are moving there in Salina. And then from there we are going, February 4th to Derby and then February 5th Independence and then we finally on Friday we finish on February 6th at Sabetha. And so in all the schools we will have different speakers, we will have different presentations. Each one will be very unique. And what are the topics that we are trying to cover? But the goal is trying to go to all the basics and also trying to see if we can go in depth to some specific topics. So what are the basics that we need to probably emphasize on the Soybeans Schools? It will be around insects, weeds, disease and then we will try also try to get some information to you about some web communications, apps that we are also developing. And then by the end we will also be talking about weed control, which is one of the most important points, crop action plan practices and also nutrient management. So, as you are seeing we will try to go from almost an A to the end of the seed. I mean, all of the information about soybeans in one school and we believe these schools are your one stop for information. So, when you really want to see what is new what type of information we should really probably know about soybean production, what challenges are we planning to expect in the next coming growing season, this will be the type of school that you would like to attend. So, again, the premise probably in this case will start at 9 a.m. We will probably half hour, 8:30 probably registration in each school and we will have probably ending around 3:30 or 4 p.m. So, we’ll try to keep it to be 4- 4 p.m. We know that there are a lot of schools that the goal is trying to for you to get most of the information and really to take advantage of all the specialists, all the speakers that we’re having at that school. So again, remember the dates- it is on the first week of February, February 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. And we’ll go to four locations around that state. We’ll have the first one in Salina, then there will be Independence, then Sabetha. If you want to find out about Soybeans Schools, we have a couple of options, you can communicate to your Kansas Soybean Commission or you can communicate with the Extension Office. So, one of the ways to communicate with us, couple options is we can go to the E-Update magazine online. If you feel comfortable just to go on line and do the registration yourself. It’s really easy, we are just asking for first name, last name and an email address. You just need to pick which of the schools that you are planning to attend and that’s all. You submit you are registered for the schools. So, how do you get to that website? How do you get to that information? You go to agronomy.ksu.edu and then inside there, in the website of the Agronomy Department you have a tab that is called E-Updates. In that tab if you go to the last three updates in December you will find out some information about the Soybean Schools. Inside of that you have a just a link that you can connect and you can do the submission. So, what happens if we are not that friendly with website or electronic devices? One of the ways that we can use is just send an email to one of our extension agents in the areas, give a call to your local extension office or give a call to extension agronomy department. So, all the different possibilities- email, call, website- just all the different possibilities that we are offering today just to make sure that you have a chance to register for the schools. What we need is if you are planning to attend either one or two or all the schools we need to have some kind of a count, one week before the schools. So we are asking, if possible, to register at least by the last week of January. So, remember about that. Make sure to put these schools in your calendar and we hope to see you there. Thanks.

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