KSU Vet Students

Chris) I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health
Center, today at Dodge City at the Roundup Rodeo. And we are joined with the
4th year students from Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center in an
elective. And talking about the elective itself, Lindsey, what is the
elective that you’re on currently here in Dodge City? (Lindsey) So, we’re on
the Dodge City Rodeo elective rotation. It’s a one week elective where we
come and hang out at the rodeo each night, watch slack if anything gets hurt,
we take care that, see horses in between performances, We also get to go
visit National Beef and take a tour. We also work and do some preg checking
out at the sale barn. So, a lot of cool things we get to see out here.
(Chris) So, it’s kind of a fairly…it’s kind of busy I guess. We always have
something to kinda do and deal with the heat and the weather I guess in
between, right? The other aspects, Emily, what’s kind of the aspects of your
whole year? What do you do your 4th year of vet school? Cause a lot of people
may not actually realize how busy you guys are, or when it starts and when it
ends. (Emily) So, for our 4th year of vet school, we don’t get a summer off
and we start right up in May. We do three to four week rotations, some of
them just one week if it’s an elective. We spend a little bit of time with
each department. So, we’ll spend three weeks with radiology looking at X-rays
and ultrasound. We’ll spend some time on soft tissue surgery, doing spays and
neuters and we’ll go to the equine to the ag side, and help with the cows and
all the food animals. And we really get exposed to a lot, but we work a lot
of long days. (Chris) Yea and that’s something where some people think
because it’s school you guys get a summer off. But your 4th year, there’s no
more summers off. (Emily) There’s no more summers off. (Chris) It’s a job
now, right? And so Kelsey, what have we done here at the Dodge City Rodeo and
maybe what is your favorite event here at the rodeo? (Kelsey) Well, growing
up I spent all my time on the spectator side of the arena, so coming here
this year has been a lot of fun. We got to diagnose a corneal ulcer yesterday
and I think my favorite event would be team roping. (Chris) Team roping,
alright, good. And it’s always interesting once you’re a spectator, and you
actually have been to the Dodge City Rodeo almost your whole life. (Kelsey)
Several, yes. (Chris) So, that is great. So, there’s an inner connection
then. (Kelsey) Uh huh. (Chris) So that is great. And then Leigh what or why
did you actually pick this elective or the Dodge City elective? (Leigh) I
grew up around rodeo my whole life, so I always thought that was interesting
and I have an interest when I get out of school in equine and large animal
medicine so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see a little bit of
everything. (Chris) And I think that is something that people don’t realize
is how broad of an area veterinary medicine is and how many different areas
you can kind of get involved with and rodeo being one of ’em. Well, I sure
appreciate all four of these ladies here at the rodeo. They’re gonna be great
veterinarians here in a year. And hopefully this kind of helps round some of
that of their career. And we sure appreciate Dodge City Roundup in allowing
us to come here and be the veterinarian here at this event. I’m Dr. Chris
Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center and we’ll see you

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