(Chris) Hello, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center, with Horsin’ Around. Today we’re gonna talk about lameness and muddy weather and how they kinda correlate together, and what we need to watch for when you have a bunch of problems, or potential problems even, just based on the weather and your house out in muddy situations. The biggest thing is just standing out in the mud. We always are worried about if the horse has shoes on, pulls off those shoes, and hoof health is a big part of it. Hoof abscesses or subsolar abscesses, are a big part of mud and correlation of lamenesses, especially if a horse is not wanting to even put a foot down, subsolar abscesses or hoof abscesses are really high on the list as potential causes of those type of lamenesses. You should always get your veterinarian involved if you ever have a horse that is lame based on what you think might be a subsolar abscess before starting to treat to make sure you’re treating it correctly. The other thing of mud and being slick is that horses can slip and sprain. Sprain different areas of joints, sprain even the suspensory ligaments that’s down on the back side of the cannon bone. And so those things can happen even on their own out in a pasture, or playing with other horses, or while riding. And so you have to make sure that if you ever have a horse, while riding it and it becomes lame, always stop and don’t continue on because you could always make it worse, especially if it’s a soft tissue injury if you continue to ride. So, always make sure you get your veterinarian involved, diagnose where the problem is located and then go from there on those certain situations. Again, don’t ever try to diagnose on your own where it may be when you have issues with rain and mud in certain situations, get your veterinarian involved. Call us at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center, see if we can help you with some of those questions you might have. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins, with Horsin’ Around and we’ll see you around.

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