Lee Hart and Harry Anderson

(Harry) Hi I’m here with Lee Hart. Lee, you do a lot of horse training, you’re there in Topeka. Tell me just a little bit about what you do for training. (Lee) Well, most of what I do nowadays is obstacle training. Building confidence in the horses through obstacles. We compete in the Ultimate Horseman’s Challenge Association and the Extreme Cowboy Race Association with Craig Cameron. (Harry) Yea, I’ve seen you there yes. (Lee) And we go all over the U.S. doing horsemanship clinics and bringing my passion about the obstacles and how it builds confidence to the horses. (Harry) OK, so you say you travel all over the United States and I’m sure you encounter a lot of different situations in horses. What’s the most difficult horse you ever found? (Lee) You know the most difficult you find are the horses that are a little bit hotter, that they don’t want to take the time to process it and stuff and that’s actually what brought me to your feed, Total Equine. I had a pair of futurity fillies and I was feeding them and getting them show ready and you know we were really pumping it at them and getting them good looking. And the fatter they got and the prettier they got and the more in shape they got, the more work they became and they just kind of were losing their mind with it. So, at that time I was actually getting free feed from another feed company, and I had heard about Total Equine and I tried it and I’ve been feeding it to my show horses for four years. now. And it’s made an amazing difference for me. (Harry) OK, you mentioned it helped settle them down, I guess? (Lee) It absolutely relaxed them and it turned them into a different animal in about a week’s time. (Harry) Yea. It happens real fast doesn’t it? (Lee) Yes. (Harry) How about you said before you were feeding them pretty heavy to get what you wanted as far as body condition and things like that and energy. Did they change their body style any at all when you put them on Total Equine? (Lee) You know actually they looked more refined. They got more muscle to them and it was a lot less fat, so I was actually… I ended up feeding less and getting better results out of it, because then my horses looked more ripped and more toned. (Harry) Yea. (Lee) So, it was a great result for me. (Harry) OK. So, it actually slimmed their body down, but bulked up their muscle. (Lee) That’s exactly what it did. (Harry) OK and we’re proud of that. That happens that way because one of the designs here was to help the metabolic process take fat off the other side of the horse. And I think we got her done. (Lee) I think you got her done. It’s been a great thing for me. I actually have a unique individual. My good horse, Buster, when he was very young he got strangled and he actually ruptured in his small intestine. (Harry) Oh my. (Lee) And by all rights he should of died. (Harry) Yea. And we had tried a lot of different things with him and what ended up happening with him was when I switched to the Total Equine, absolutely all of that disappeared for me. (Harry) OK. (Lee) He was able to process it quicker. It was easier to keep a finish on him. And it was great results. (Harry) And how about the strength and power and stay power. (Lee) Oh the stay power is there for sure. You know, before you’d have to condition a horse so much more. It seemed like you’d have to lope and lope and lope to get that horse really fit and stay. But where there’s not all that fat on them and it’s muscle, man they condition so much easier and it just really helps them. (Wayne) OK, great. Well Lee, thanks for the tips and thanks for your comments. We appreciate you very much. This is Harry Anderson, for more information go to totalfeeds.com. (Lee) Thank you.

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