Legislative Update with Randy Stookey

(Jamie) Welcome back. Now let’s go to Randy Stookey for this week’s Legislative Update.
(Randy) Good morning, my name is Randy Stookey. I serve as General Counsel and Vice-President of the Kansas Grain and Feed Association. And I also serve as President of the Kansas Agricultural Alliance. And the Alliance is an affiliation of ag-minded associations and we get together during the Legislative session and promote and support the ideas and issues that are important to agriculture. And in the State of Kansas, you would think that agriculture is the second largest industry and sector in the state, you would think that we would have a very large voice. And historically that’s been the case. But every ten years there’s a redistricting for voting in the state of Kansas. And as the rural populations continue to move more and more toward the population centers of Sedgwick County and Shawnee County and Wyandotte County most of the state, the vast majority of the state, continues to lose seats, representatives and then votes, as it relates to votes. The ag interests are located in those rural communities. So it’s important to come together to speak with one voice that represents the ag interest in a broader sense. Without that coalition through alliances like the Kansas Ag Alliance, our message and our votes become diluted and we continue to see losses in the Capitol building.
(Jamie) After the break Duane will be back with Dennis Gruenbacher, Chair of the Kansas Soybean Commission.

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