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(Jamie) Welcome to Farm Factor! Let’s join Duane and Levi as they discuss AI and Breeding Barns.
(Duane) Duane Toews joining you once again with AGam in Kansas and while at the Great Band Farm and Ranch Expo, an opportunity to catch up with Levi Ebert at the Ebert ranch. Levi, you did a demonstration at the Farm and Ranch Expo this year with a Breeding Barn conducting some artificial insemination on a set of heifers utilizing a Rawhide Corral System. Tell us a little bit about how that works for an operation and how easy it could be for individuals that wanted to get in to an operation and program like that? (Levi) Duane, AI is getting to be an ever-growing way to get your cattle bred. Bull prices are going up, we need, people are wanting to increase genetic power and not have to do it with a bull that’s only going to breed 20 or 25 cows. This way we can breed hundreds or thousands of cattle in a day or two weeks or week, in a weeks’ time and increase your genetics very, very rapidly and with that, it’s a very simple process. (Duane) Obviously, you had some sponsors there that talked about some of the synchronization protocols that you utilize to have a successful program. (Levi) That’s right. For our demonstration today, Zoetis donated the synchronization products to get this heifer synchronized. With that process on these heifers that we bred today, we did what they call a seven-day seeder protocol. A week ago, on Tuesday, we put a seeder in, gave a shot of FACTREL, this — just 60 hours ago, we pull that seeder out, gave them a shot of LUTALYSE and then we time breed them on 60 hours today with another shot of FACTREL. (Duane) Now you utilized a Breeding Barn that, they have been pretty popular as of late, tell us a little bit about some of the features of that that makes it successful. (Levi) The features of the Breeding Barn, there’s really no exact science to it. There’s a gentleman in Western Nebraska that originally invented the idea but it’s — those cattle come in, its dark, they’ve got a curtain that hangs down behind their shoulders to keep light or movement from coming in and around their head and with that, they stand calmer, they stand quieter and we’ve taken some rather nervous cattle over the years and brought them into that barn in an AI program and calmed them down a lot to get the AI part of it done which directly relates to conception rate. We have seen large increases in conception rate by running them through those AI barns versus just a plain old squeeze shoot. (Duane) And you utilized portable corral system as well; it really shows the flexibility that you don’t have to own those facilities yourself. (Levi) That’s right Duane; we can set up anywhere we want within reason with a portable corral. Here at the Great Bend Farm Show, there’s no pens out there on the runways and so we worked with Rawhide Portable Corrals. They’ve brought a portable corral indoors, we unloaded those cattle, ran them through our Breeding Barn, loaded them all right back up there in one spot for the farm show but in that scenario, if you’re on wheat pasture, if you have pastures that you don’t have a pen with, whatever the given situation has, is we’ve got a portable setup that we can come to you with corral and barn and work those cattle just about anywhere. (Duane) Levi you referenced genetic advancement utilizing some of the top genetics in the industry that really is where the bottom line in the pay off is for those producers that go to a system like this. (Levi) Yes, that’s correct. We can increase growth in two ways with this type of a program. One, we’re front-loading your calving season so you’ve got more calves born early in your calving season so you get more pounds in that aspect. Plus we’re also working with bulls that we have 80 to 90% accuracy on their EPD’s with and with that, we can take a look at your operation and say, Alright, how much do you want to increase weaning? What do we need to do with calving ease? and very quickly, we can bump weaning weights from upwards of 20 or 30 pounds in one year. (Duane) All right, thanks to Levi Ebert joining us here on AGam in Kansas, Jamie we’ll send it back to you.
(Jamie) Folks, come back after these messages from our sponsors for this week’s Kansas Soybean Update.

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