Mark Pettijohn, Wheat Update

(Mark) Hi I’m Mark Pettijohn standing in an Ohlde grain field, wheat field that was planted October 7th of last year. We were out here today to see if the flag leaf has emerged, but it’s still down in the whorl, so we’re kind of early with our TwinLine. Two weeks from now we’ll put eight ounces of TwinLine down to both prevent diseases and cure any that might be out here. This wheat was planted October 7th and it was following soybeans and at the time of planting we put a dry starter blend down of about 15 units of N, over 40 units of phosphorus, some sulfur and some zinc. Then on December 15th we ran a rolling coulter out here, both in the ground and dribbling on the surface about 60 units of nitrogen. The other split rate of bulk nitrogen went down March 15th and it was approximately 25 units of nitrogen and I think 15 units of chloride. I think the wheat looks really good but the ground is definitely dry, drier than I thought. And the bottoms of the plants are yellow, not from the freeze, it survived really good from some recent low 29 degree nights. The wheat looks better from the road. It’s actually a little disturbing out here. It’s dry. It needs two inches of rain. Right now I would expect this wheat field to make 60 or 70. Wheat kind of has nine lives, it may have burned up a couple this winter is all. So, we’re still really optimistic and at these prices it really needs to make 60 to break even probably. It’s a very expensive crop nowadays to raise, but it has potential beyond 60. It has potential below 60 unfortunately also.

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