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(Ernie) Hi friends, good morning. I’m Ernie Rodina. And welcome to AGam in Kansas to the Horsin’ Around segment. I’m so excited to be here at the Kansas High School Rodeo Championships, running into all sorts of folks. I’m here with a fellow that I worked with for many years and I tell you what, he’s a real asset to the equine industry, my good friend Mark Scales. I call you a horse specialist with Purina. That’s where you’re hired as and still people look up to you as that. You’ve been involved in this High School Rodeo and it’s been a lot of fun hasn’t it? (Mark) Yea, it’s a good family organization and we enjoy it as a family. Great place to raise your kids and keep ’em out of trouble. (Ernie) Well, you were in it probably growing up… (Mark) Yep. (Ernie)…in high school. And how about your wife Shandi? (Mark) Yep. (Ernie) And your daughter’s now going in here and does great at barrel racing. It is just a great family event. (Mark) Yea, it is. It’s great for the family, get away and spend the weekend together. And you know what your kids are doing and they get to associate with other families doing the same thing and it’s something that carries on generation to generation. (Ernie) Well we were so thankful that we had Purina, the dealers down in the Wichita area, and Roger Brummel and Blue Stem Farm and Ranch and then also Family Center sponsoring the dinner tonight. And how much has equine nutrition changed let’s say from 20 years ago? I mean it’s wild. (Mark) Well, yea you know there’s so much research that’s going on. The nutrition part stays the same. But the research and the products that they’re bringing to it, is astronomical how fast that’s changing. (Ernie) And we’re talking about research, we’re talking about your company, Purina Animal Nutrition. I don’t know of any other company that have a research farm and can come up with so many innovative products. (Mark) No, we’ve got a lot of PhD’s. That’s all they do for us is work on new products and the research that goes into the farm and the products that they develop. (Ernie) And these are nutritional PhDs, but Equine PhD’s involved, there’s a difference. (Mark) Yea, they’ve all got background in horses, they was raised with horses, so they’ve got the passion with them and that’s what they started out with as a career is in the horse industry. They’re not cattle specialists that moved over to the horse side, that’s what they started at. A lot of horses, including yours going up and down the road this summer. Name a couple products that our listeners should probably kind of keep in mind and have really made a difference as far as in the performance. (Mark) I’m really high on the Super Sport right now, doing what we do because we compete everyday and we’re doing a lot of hauling and it helps them to recuperate, replenish the muscles, and recuperate and get ready to perform again. (Ernie) Cause these are athletes. And we’re talking about the riders, sometimes they’re so close, and their ability, you’ve got to get that horse working at its tip top condition. (Mark) Competition’s really tough, especially when we get to the national level, the next step above this. It’s hundreds of seconds and thousandths so it’s…you’ve gotta be at the top of your game. (Ernie) Let’s talk about barrel racing because that’s what your family is involved with, your daughter and your wife. How many days between races can they layoff, as far as to get rest to recover? (Mark) Well, a lot of times, like at nationals or even here, they compete everyday. So, they don’t have a lot of time to rest and recoup. So, that’s why we’ve gotta put them on a good nutritional program. And the Super Sport really helps in that recuperation. (Ernie) Would you come back and be a part of this Horsin’ Around segment again? (Mark) You bet. Anytime Ernie. (Ernie) We appreciate it and we appreciate you viewing into AGam in Kansas, the Horsin’ Around segment. And make sure you tune into Better Horses Radio Show. Find a show close to you by going to Love being here with AGam in Kansas, Horsin’ Around. Til next week, Happy Trails.

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