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(Mat) Mat Habrock with DuPont Pioneer and it’s a great pleasure to be here today on behalf of DuPont Pioneer and have the opportunity to sponsor these Corn Management Schools. Kansas State University and the Kansas Corn Growers Association have been great partners for Pioneer and these opportunities like this to bring farmers in to a room in a time when they’re generally not as busy as they can be at other times of the year, give them the chance to get the resources available from K-State and hear from those tremendous economists and agronomists and so forth that are on staff at K-State to help them build their knowledge base and help them start thinking about next year, start thinking about decisions they can make on their farms to increase their profitability and hopefully make next year’s crop just as good and successful as this past years’ was. Pioneer obviously year in and year out has a tremendous research investment in helping to continue develop products in the United States. For instance, our priority markets are going to be in crops like corn, soybeans, sorghum. Continuing to looks at those, the agronomic characteristics of those crops to increase the yield, help with some of the agronomic pressures that we’re seeing and so forth. So, at the end of the day farmers always love a little bit more yield. And that’s really what we’re striving for is putting those agronomic traits and practices into place that will help farmers achieve that yield they’re looking for. Pioneer really understands the value in relationships and partnerships with both our customers as well as industry groups, universities and so on. And a lot of that is built on helping to share expertise. We’ve had great relationships with many different organizations in Kansas representing the various crops that we sell. And those relationships with for instance, Kansas Corn Growers Association, are so important because those farmer leaders are helping to shape the future of agriculture. And we want to help provide them with that opportunity to do so. And help encourage them to continue to lead the industry forward. And when you look at institutions such as K-State University that is just a great wealth of knowledge that we can use at Pioneer to help us in our efforts, delivering the right products for the right acres for our customers and using some of the resources that they’ve been developed to help us internally as well.

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