Meet 4-H’er Tyree Figge

(Freddie) Meet Tyree Figge, a member of Pottawatomie County Triple E 4-H Club. Tyree is 10 years old and has been showing cattle since he was 3. He has been a 4-H member for the last three years. Tyree has never heard of KGLS before until some of his friends told him about it. He bought a heifer earlier this year and took her to Hutchinson to compete. Some of his favorite things to do with his heifer is washing her and putting her in their trailer. (Tyree) One of the best things is washing her and putting them on a trailer. (Freddie) To make sure he gets enough training time with his heifer he spends 10 minutes a day with her. Tyree says working with his animal is an important part of his project. (Tyree) You’ve got to work with them like feeding them. If you feed them every day they get used to seeing you. For more information about Kansas 4-H visit their website at (Freddie) This was Freddie Evans reporting for AGam in Kansas.

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