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(Janeal Yancey) My name is Janeal Yancey and I’m a blogger at I’m a meat scientist and mom who uses social media to share with other moms and consumers about meat science, and the food industry and animal agriculture. I’m here today to visit with these folks about engaging with consumers in social media in a real way. Not everybody can have a blog, but everybody can have a presence on social media. The big thing I would tell folks is just to get out and do it, there’s really not anything wrong on social media. Another big piece of advice that I’d like to give folks is to find a network, a network of people to learn from and to help you out in times of crisis. One-on-one consumers, they want to know that the decisions in the food industry are based, are backed in science, the third of those decisions are made in science. But they don’t necessarily want to have to understand all the science themselves. In that way they need, they want to trust the scientists that are making those decisions. They want to understand that these companies and this industry is made up of folks like me that are just moms and also meat scientists who care about what they’re doing. That’s what I try to share that the food industry is made up of people that care about what they’re doing to produce a safe and wholesome product because we eat it, too. We consume it too, and we have kids, and we have hopes and dreams, and worries just like everybody else.

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