Meet Dr. Chris Wichita and Dr. Karl Frees

(Ernie Rodina) Good morning friends, I’m Ernie Rodina, with the Better Horses Radio Show and welcome to AGam in Kansas, your Horsin’ Around segment. Having an unbelievable time at the 2016 Equifest of Kansas, and look who’s here. These guys are rock stars when it comes to an equine hospital. We got Dr. Chris Wilhite and Dr. Karl Frees. Hey, what do you think of Equifest? (Karl) Oh, Ernie, it’s our first year being a part of it and we’re just so thrilled. We’ve had a great time. (Ernie) Well, you know I’m glad you’re here. Let’s talk a little bit about your services you have in Peculiar, Missouri. An unbelievable referral hospital, and you have your own clinic there. Let’s talk a little bit about that. (Karl) Yeah, we’ve got a full service hospital just the southeast side of Kansas City. We go from the top to the bottom. We basically can do advanced surgeries, and advanced medicine. But, importantly, most of our day is about taking care of the horse and good wellness care from the time the foal hits the ground to the time they grow up. Vaccines, dentistry, whatever they need we’re there to provide it. (Ernie) We’re talking about, we’ve got both of you at the head of it, but you’ve got a tremendous team. (Karl) Right. We’ve got six veterinarians and three consulting veterinarians so that what we’ve done is built a team, brought a team together, that whatever your horse may need, we can find the right person to help them out. (Ernie) Well it’s great to be here, and what do you see, you know you’ve been here talking to horse people. What seems like the most common issue that you’re running up against right now? (Karl) Well, you know I wouldn’t call it an issue, but what it is, is that horses are living longer. Better veterinarian care, better feeds, and they’re living longer so what we’re doing is getting used to is taking care of the geriatric horse, the older horse, keeping them active and healthy. (Ernie) Have you ever seen so many people so hungry for equine knowledge, as this group here? (Karl) Oh yeah, I mean it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful. (Ernie) It’s really good. You’ve got a tremendous place, you just offer tremendous service, and everything else and I urge people to check it out at The Wilhite and Frees Equine Hospital. You know, this clinic, Wilhite and Frees Equines, is just such a full-service hospital and we get Dr. Karl on the show a lot. What an honor it is to get Dr. Chris, the other partner of the deal, so great to have you here. (Chris) Glad to be here, Ernie. Our clinic, you were asking about what makes us unique, and we’ve got one of the best staffs. When you walk in the door, to the technicians, to the veterinarians, it’s a complete service. Everybody there is all about the horse. (Ernie) Well, I’m going to talk about user-friendly. You guys are so user-friendly because sometimes people get intimidated going in to a large operation like that, but you communicate so well. I had an issue with a horse in there, and you guys are on top of it like none other. I could not believe the service that I got from you. I’m talking about early in the morning, it was really good, service with a smile from the Wilhite and Frees folks down there, and I’ll never forget that. (Chris) There are a lot of good veterinarian choices around. A big part of it though is service and compassion and you’ve got to offer that. You can’t fake it. So, we’ve got a team put together that absolutely delivers that. (Ernie) You’ve got a lot of different medicines. You’ve got the general surgery, the general medicine and everything else, but you have folks specializing in chiropractic, stuff like that. Let’s talk a little bit about that. (Chris) We’ve got general practitioners, we’ve got reproduction, dentistry, wellness, surgery, we do have chiropractic and acupuncture services available, and we’re always happy to bring in specialists. You know, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, whatever we need to help take care of your horse. (Ernie) How do our listeners out there, viewers, get in touch with you at Wilhite and Frees? (Chris) Probably the easiest way, 816-779-0100. Or (Ernie) And I’m going to tell you another thing, make sure you get on and be a Facebook friend of Wilhite and Frees Equine. Tremendous, tremendous deal. Thank you so much, and thanks for tuning in to AGam in Kansas, with the Better Horses Radio Show, and The Horsin’ Around segment.

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