Meet Jeff Dawson, Great Cowboy, Singer and Poet

(Ernie) Hello friends, I’m Ernie Rodina and welcome to AGam in Kansas. Today we’re down in Wabaunsee County with a good friend, a great cowboy, and a great poet and singer. He and his wife have the 2 Bar D Ranch. This is the most beautiful decor ranch house, your shop, Geff. This guy is an unbelievable performer when it comes to singing and cowboy poetry. I might mention your newest endeavor, here’s one of Wabaunsee’s newest beekeepers. (Geff) I’m going to be, that’s right. (Ernie) Well, I’ll tell you what, if you haven’t done it, it’s just not worth doing. But what you do and your music and I just love your house. (Geff) Oh, thank you. I appreciate you coming, Ernie, it’s just been a blast. We’ve been here a long time but we’re finally getting to do some things we really want to do. (Ernie) This poetry, you’re the real deal that’s how I always describe you. The real deal because these poems that you do are lifetime experiences you’ve had. You’re on the ranch and you got the passion of the west and the cowboy. You just have really taken off with this. (Geff) That’s what makes it easy for me is because it is stuff that I’ve actually done, I don’t have to memorize anything because if I had to do that I’d be in trouble but just true life experiences and being fortunate enough to have a good wife Dawn that pulls the plow with me and just being able to do what we want to do. (Ernie) We’re going to get Dawn on it too, she’s been my partner as far as with the radio for going on 12 years, been doing a number, we’ve had a nice journey. We’ve had Geff and all of us and it’s neat to see where it’s going. I’m just going to go right down the road with that new bus that you got. Tell us about the bus you got and we’re going next time do an interview from that bus. (Geff) Thank you. Well, it’s just life long dream to travel and do stuff like we do and work every day. I recently acquired our first bus and we’ll show it to you next time. (Ernie) Now you look after a really nice ranch out here, tell us a little bit of background of that ranch. Hopefully we’ll get to go out there on some of it. (Geff) It was one of the most historic ranches in this part of the country, Ernie. It was founded in the 1800’s and still around. It’s changed owners a few times but still a working ranch and right now we’re in the midst of restoring some of the big barns and stuff on that ranch. It’s really a cool project and I’m so fortunate to be able to be involved in stuff like that. Like I said, we’ve been here a long time but it’s just a dream come true. (Ernie) What’s neat, we had a chance to record you, some of your poems you did, and we’re going to go ahead and roll that right now and hear your poetry. (Geff) Thank you. (Ernie) Geff Dawson. (Geff) I wrote a song and I think everybody from my dad, to you, to anybody I’ve ever met kind of morphed into this song. It’s called “Still a Cowboy.” (Ernie) Let’s go for it.

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