Meet Two Extreme Cowboys

(Runt Rageth) Hi. I’m Runt Rageth from Harris, Missouri. I run Rageth Versatility Horses. We train extreme cowboy racehorses and cow horses for a living. My wife, Machelle, and I live in Harris there, and we’ve been going to the cowboy races for 8 or 10 years. I grew up showing reiners and cutters, and this was a nice venue to start in on, something other than going to the AQHA shows all the time. (Chris Redden) I’m Chris Redden. Owner and operator of the Redden Ranch Quarter Horses. I like to breed and raise these extreme cowboy racing horses. My wife and I have been doing it for about 15 to 20 years now. We finally think we got a bloodline that we like that’s working good for the cowboy racing world, and just trying to get them out there for people to see, and I’ve been doing it same as Runt, about 8 or 10 years now. We’ve been to Calgary together the last six years, me and Runt, competed up there at the Calgary Stampede, and of course the World Finals and all that. (Runt) We have had pretty good success with that kind of stuff. Our horses that we use — we use them on the ranch. I’m a pick-up man for a couple of Rodeo Associations, so I use those horses to go pick up broncs on. Rope bulls on them, use them on the ranch for cow work, and go do some day work and stuff on them, and just try to make all around use horses for anybody to ride. (Chris) I work full time at Northwest Missouri State University as a Hardscape Supervisor, so the breeding program deal works a little better for me. I train my own horses, but I don’t get to train very many other people’s horses. I’m more into raising them right now than I am to training them. I get to go out and do some day work for some local ranches around home, and that’s how I get mine braved. And that’s what this sport is really about is being connected with your horse and having a brave horse, and then that speed with control will come in there, and that’s what makes a great one. (Runt) Make them right, and make them correct, and then you get faster as you go. And then you just fluid everything up, and you’ll have a nice solid horse, and you’ll get him with all the basics and get all that down on him pat. He’ll come around, be fast, and you’ll be competitive anywhere you want to be. (Chris) Go ahead bud. (Runt) The EXCA has really been a fun association to be a part of. Craig Cameron came up with it several years ago, and it’s a team sport between horse and rider, and you have to have a horse that you can trust and feel safe on, and still get wild once in a while and make some runs. The association is really good. It has everybody from novice to pro riders. Several divisions that we can split it up, so we have a division for everybody — everybody’s skill level. It’s just been a huge asset to my program to go make horses like this for the EXCA. (Chris) And I can’t believe how many clinicians, horsemen, trainers, whatever they want to be called, that you get to be around, and if you’ll just watch and pay attention to them a little bit, how much you can learn. As I come from just a wild old Missouri cowboy too, I want to call myself a horseman now. I want to make things right with them horses. And as you make them right, you can’t believe how much better they are. And that’s what the EXCA has done for me. Just makes me want to be that much better, and making them good horses.

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