Miss Rodeo Kansas

(Chris) Hello and welcome to Horsin’ Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center. Today I’m at Equifest with a very special guest, Lauren Rumbaugh. She is our Miss Rodeo Kansas here for 2016 and it’s just a pleasure to get to see you here at Equifest. I think that a lot of people would like to know what do you do in a year? I know it’s just jam-packed, so you can just give some detail of what you do in the state of Kansas representing Miss Rodeo Kansas. (Lauren) With my year and my title we do all sorts of different things. I’ll go around the state representing at certain events like these at different rodeos around the state. I also go outside of the state and go countrywide. I spent the last week in Florida, spent a few weeks in Denver and we’ll go to Calgary. We’ll go to Cheyenne, kind of all over and just represent the beautiful state of Kansas and all that we stand for and the sport of rodeo as well. (Chris) I think that’s interesting the amount of miles that you probably will go to and sometimes when you say Miss Rodeo Kansas, you’re representing the state too in other aspects of the country. So, I think that is just awesome. What does it take to become you? I think at a very young age, some gals will probably see out and be inspired to want to be Miss Rodeo Kansas. What does that entail, or when should they start and how does that evolve into Miss Rodeo Kansas? (Lauren) Girls can really start at any age. There’s all sorts of different age divisions. There’s Little Miss, there’s Princess, there’s Junior. They can start from anywhere about six or seven and go up from there, it just depends on whenever you want to start. There’s all sorts of local titles around the state that girls can go and compete at. There’s places like Garden City, McCracken. There’s a Miss Rodeo K-State so anybody that’s in college at the University can run for that title. Then there are different categories within the pageant world. There’s a lot of people that say we’re just like the beauty pageants, just a little bit more western. Our talent portion is our horsemanship where we do a reining pattern and a free style on either our own horses or stock contractor horses depending on what level you complete at. And then we have speeches where we do a two minute prepared speech or some pageants do extemporaneous speaking, which is what I will be doing at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant here in November of this year. (Chris) Wow. (Lauren) So those are the two main categories. On top of that we have modeling, where we will model different outfits depending on whether it’s western, dresses, long leather dresses where we do western arena apparel, as well as sponsored outfits and certain things like that. And then behind the scenes a little bit that the public doesn’t get to see is our personal interviews with the judges. We have 20 minute interviews with the three different judges on our panel, whichever pageant you’re at. They get to know us and get to know what we stand for and why we’re here and why we want to do our job. Then we have a written test that is all based on horsemanship and rodeo knowledge. Anything horse related-equine, veterinary health, equine training, nutrition and then as far back as past rodeo knowledge. So we kind of go all different directions. Then we have impromptu questions that are with our different events when we do our speeches on our modeling and that kind of thing. Then the last portion is appearance and obviously we have a certain attire that we like to present. That is obviously a portion of it, but it’s not a huge portion. A lot of people complain that it is expensive, and it is rather expensive, but there are ways to do it cheaply and a little bit more economical. It’s a little bit overbearing at first and waking up to girls that want to get started and want to get into the industry, but it really is a lot of fun, and you meet all sorts of neat people and you get to do all kinds of networking. (Chris) I think that is just stuff that I didn’t even know goes into that aspect of Miss Rodeo Kansas and just preparing for it and the amount of knowledge and horsemanship that goes along with the whole title is just amazing. Thank you very much for joining us here today… (Lauren) Thank you. (Chris) …and have a good time here at Equifest. (Lauren) I will. (Chris) I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center and we’ll see you around.

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