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(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor. Let’s join Duane and Jon Mollhagen as they talk about Moly Manufacturing’s new hydraulic loading cattle chute.
(Duane) Duane Toews continuing with coverage from the KSU Beef Stocker Conference in Manhattan, a chance to catch up with John Mollhagen with Moly Manufacturing. And John I see that some of the equipment that you guys have built for a number of years, a part of this facility here at the Stocker Unit. Give us a little update on what things went in initially that you’ve provided for them here at K-State. And then what upgrades have been made since? (John) Duane, yes we were originally with the Beef Stocker Unit from the very beginning. We provided a Silencer Squeeze Chute and an overhead scale and alleyways. And actually one of our very first turret gates came in here. And that’s been about ten years ago now. And so it’s been a very successful program for us here and they’ve been a great partner to work with. They’ve had a great many people throughout the world have shown up here and looked at our equipment here and have done a very good job. (Duane) As far as the facilities here, they’ve done some modifications through the years. Continue to expand in fact, and I understand that you’ve got a new piece of equipment here as well this year. (John) Yes, we brought them one of our loading chutes. It’s a hydraulic loading chute that we can adjust it for the trailer height, whether it’s a truck or a stock trailer and these cattle don’t have to jump up or drop down. Very safe to use. We’ve also added some scales on this unit as kind of a scientific look as far as batch weighing. We also have where we have single animal scales on the Silencer. We’re gonna compare the two and see how close we can get batch weighing with single animals. So, it’s gonna be a good research project for us. (Duane) Obviously this research institution and all this work that goes on at the Stocker Conference being able to measure, the old phrase that if you don’t measure, you can’t manage and having good weights on these cattle in and out, pretty important. (John) Yes, the more we can, the more we measure these animals, we can figure out what these daily gains are gonna be and we can also do so many predictions on what we expect from these animals and then in the future as well. (Duane) As far as the lineup from Moly Manufacturing comfort and safety for the animal, but also the operator has kind of been a focal point for a number of years. (John) Yes, through the years we keep adding on to our Silencer Squeeze Chutes and we keep making it safer for the operators and the animals. You know our hydraulic neck bars are just so important. Now we can move that head from right to left. We don’t have to worry about people getting hurt by these heads swinging around. We put hydraulic kick bars in there now, so if we need that extra safety if somebody is stepping in behind these animals. We’ve also built a larger model for more, for large cattle now, what we call Silencer Max. So, we just keep adding on to our product line with ’em. (Duane) Well our thanks to John Mollhagen with Moly Manufacturing, joining us at the KSU Beef Stocker Conference in Manhattan talking about some of the facilities and the equipment located here on site. Jamie we’ll send it back to you for more in studio on AGam in Kansas.
(Jamie) Thanks, Duane! Folks, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee, but don’t go far away – next up is this week’s Kansas Soybean Report.

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