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(Brian) I’m Brian McCornack from the Department of Entomology at Kansas State University. And today at Corn Schools, I’m talking about This is a product that’s been around for about three years. Most of the work that we’ve done today has been in small groups, getting feedback from growers, consultants, county extension agents, even some researchers. We now have some tools available that let the general public know really what is more about. One of the tools for example we talked about today, was building your own management guide. So, as an entomologist, as a group of entomologists, we like to provide up-to-date information about insect management. So, one way we do that is we send a pdf to you that…or you come to an event like this and get a hard copy. It’s a list of all corn pests that are important to Kansas. What we’re trying to demonstrate is that maybe not all corn pests are important to you. Not all corn pests are important to your fields. So, the concept of myfields is we customize that extension information based on who you are, where you are and when you are. And we take the time to put those three questions into a technology like myfields, all of a sudden you customize your extension experience and get what it is you really need that’s pertinent to that particular field. When we originally started this project it was iwheat. And what we found out from iwheat and talking to wheat producers is that they’re not just wheat producers, they’re also corn producers and soybean producers. Some of them are sorghum producers. And so instead of creating several sites that are disconnected, the approach at least in our minds, was to consolidate this. Think about this in terms of a field. What happens to that field through time? Well it’s probably rotated through corn and soybean, to not only for insect pressure but also disease and weed management and fertility management. There’s a lot of value in doing that. But at the same time we didn’t want to stress our users by going to multiple sites to do that. So, the concept of myfields, is really multi-commodity. And some of the biggest tools that will be coming up at least to look for, one of which is actually what our stakeholders asked for is the weed management guide. And that would be available here in the next couple months, but again, same type of customization, you go through and find the product that you really pay attention to, put that into your own management guide and now you’re only managing content for five to six herbicides that are important to you instead of the entire book. So again, it’s that idea of taking what’s meaningful and pushing that to you based on some very simple information, what we call data that you send back to us. And so what we’ve talked about today with this group is how you can do that online right now at

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