Nathan with the Peterson Farm Brothers

(Jamie) We’re back! Let’s join Duane and Nathan as they discuss how they decide upon the messages in their videos.
(Duane) Duane Toews continuing coverage on AGam in Kansas and while at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo, a chance to catch up with the Peterson Farm Brothers, Nathan joins us now. Nathan, obviously a lot of people have taken a lot of what you and your brothers have done as far as the YouTube videos are concerned. But where do some of the storylines come from? You guys get together and brainstorm about how to tell that story? (Nathan) Yes. We’re always trying to come up with new ideas and stuff. So we have a group message that we’ll text back and forth ideas on maybe a song we’ve heard that’s getting real popular or even other ideas we see like on the Internet. There’s a lot of other pages on Facebook. We’ll share their content if we see something good. We’re always just talking to each other to see, to keep coming up with ideas and just looking around. We have a lot of people send us stuff too, send us ideas. So we take all that into account as well. (Duane) You referenced Facebook. Obviously, social media is becoming a bigger part of a lot of people’s lives. Another opportunity to kind of tell the story if you will. (Nathan) Yes. We step up our Facebook page for the Peterson Farm Brothers just right after the first video went viral, and we didn’t know whether it would be, we just kind of made it to have it, and now it’s turned into a pretty big following. We can share information with lots of people and also they share information with us. It’s really incredible to see the power of the Internet and how it can connect so many different people from different backgrounds and just be able to share information with all of them. (Duane) One of the interesting perspectives of mine is in looking in some of the posts you guys have had that you take a real world issue but break it down so that the average consumer can get and understand why you do the things you do. (Nathan) Yes. We really want to be a voice of truth and present things in ways that people can understand and doesn’t really polarize people but just shows our side and why we’re doing what we’re doing in agriculture and on our farm. We really just want to put a face to farming, and we believe everyone can do that with the people around them. Just put their face with their farming practices, because a lot of research, a lot of time goes into all these different things. There’s no reason to not be proud of what we do. (Duane) That’s kind of a misperception. It appears sometimes that they think that some of the practices you guys utilize just kind of came from thin air or you thought it’d be a good idea to do it. But the science behind it is why you do those things in production agriculture. (Nathan) Yes. I think we go to school and we’re studying this and research and extension. There’s lots of time that goes into these things, and they’re reviewed by lots of people. It’s important for people to question what’s happening in their food process and stuff, that’s important. We just need to explain why we’re doing it and what all goes into it, because that’s the part that people don’t understand too much. (Duane) Thanks to Nathan Peterson, one of the Peterson Farm Brothers joining us here. Jamie we’ll send it back to you.
(Jamie) Thanks, Duane. Next is this week’s Kansas Soybean Update.

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