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(Jan) Well welcome to the newest exhibit at Exploration Place. This is a new, permanent exhibit called Kansas Kids Connect and it is for the under five set. It is a fantastic preschool learning environment and it’s set in a setting that’s all about agriculture. Here at Exploration Place we really focus on being a children’s science center and it was important for us to have a new exhibit that really catered to the youngest learners, our preschoolers. And we thought what better setting to do than one of the biggest industries in our state, which is agriculture. It gives so many wonderful opportunities to make the learning lots of fun and to be able to even help educate the parents a little bit about this important industry. So behind me is this new gallery and all kinds of amazing things are going on in here. So you can climb our Seed to Sun Wall, which goes up about 12 feet high. The child goes in and crawls underneath. They can walk through a wheat field. They can sit in a combine. They encounter little wonder boxes. They poke their heads through the clouds. And when they come out, they go over and fix, they can repair a tractor right there on the spot. They can go into the granary, slide down, come out of the granary where they’ve learned all kinds of things about wheat. And the next thing you know you’re at the farmer’s market and you’re buying bread. And you’re buying all kinds of other Kansas products. Then you take all that shopping that you did and you go over to the house. And now you can prepare a meal. And you’re preparing a meal with all these great foods that came from Kansas. We’ve also got a little garden area and you pick tomatoes and you can get your corn. And in the house we also have these fantastic activities that help the children learn about nutrition and all the different food groups. So, it’s more than just role playing, there’s learning embedded throughout. From there they can go learn all about some of the resources, natural resources that really help make agriculture possible. So, there’s things with wind and weather and about the water cycle. So, there are just dozens and dozens and dozens of activities for these children to learn. They’re all age appropriate and they’re focused on really the three things that these young children are learning and that is mental development, their brain development, it’s about physical development and it’s also social skills. So, when a child comes here repeatedly through the years there will always be different things that they’re paying attention to, different things that they’re learning as they’re getting older and all of those things are based around the theme of agriculture. So, this is just one of the many great things here at Exploration Place. We are 100,000 square feet. We have the largest domed theatre in the state of Kansas. It’s a 60-foot dome. We show fantastic films in there and by the way, we have a couple films and features in there that are really perfect for preschoolers also. We have an aviation gallery, an exhibit about nanoscience, an exhibit about Kansas geography, about our building, Kansas in miniature, regular traveling exhibits-three a year that come in and out. We have a makerspace, a health gallery, and classrooms, a fantastic store, lots and lots to do when you come here. Exhibits like this that we do here at Exploration Place are only possible with private support. No government dollars went into creating this new, wonderful educational exhibit for the preschoolers. We have fantastic support from our community and in fact, eight different Kansas Farm Bureaus contributed to make this exhibit possible. We’re really grateful for all of that support from the community and the state. So to learn more about Exploration Place and all the fantastic things that we have going on here, just visit our website

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