Next Year’s 150th Anniversary of the Chisholm Trail

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor as Kyle and Jim share information about the celebration in 2017 of the 150th Anniversary of the Chisholm Trail.
(Kyle) Hi. This is Kyle Bauer from Ellsworth continuing to visit with Jim Gray. He’s the Executive Director of the National Drovers Hall of Fame. Some big news coming up in 2017. In 2011, you were part of a Cattle Drive across Kansas but a lot bigger deal going on in 2017. (Jim) Yes. 2017 will be 150 years for the founding of the Chisholm Trail. I’ve been involved with efforts to bring the three states of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas together for promotion of the Chisholm Trail during the time period, and what has just begun to come about is the development of a Cattle Drive that will take place from, believe it or not, from San Antonio to Abilene, Kansas from April 1 to July 1 of 2017. (Kyle) This isn’t like driving 10 or 12 head. (Jim) No. Again, this is all just beginning to develop, but we’re looking to have about 300 to 400 head of Texas Longhorn cattle in the drive, wanting breeders to consign their cattle for the drive and putting together the whole system. It takes a lot of logistics to move these cattle across nearly 800 miles but probably more so than it did 150 years ago because now we have urban America to drive through to, or around, or however we’re going to make that work. We’re laying out the route right now. It’s going to be 13 weeks on the trail, another additional week to just get ready for it. (Kyle) So, if people are interested in trying to participate, is there an opportunity? (Jim) Yes, we have put up our website. We have a Facebook page which you can find it at The Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive/Chisholm Trail ’17 address, but we are looking for people to apply to be drovers. We need full-time drovers. We need part-time drovers. We need support people to help move everything from camp to camp. There’s a lot that we’re looking for help for. (Kyle) On the other hand, it probably will take some experience. There will be an application process and not just everybody will be invited to ride along. You might be able to watch things go by. (Jim) Right. We definitely are looking for experienced hands to move the cattle. There will be an opportunity for guest riders to buy into riding. We’re going to keep that number limited to something small enough to handle but that is also a possibility. (Kyle) Visiting with Jim Gray, we’re in Ellsworth, Kansas, but we’re talking about Cattle Drive that will take place early in the summer of 2017 from San Antonio all the way to Abilene, Kansas. This is Kyle Bauer reporting.
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