Nick Weigel

(Ernie) Hello, I’m Ernie Minton, I’m Associate Dean for Research in the College of Agriculture, K-State Research and Extension at Kansas State University. Happy to be here today at the Hays Station, celebrating the partnership we have with ADM Milling and in particular, the White Wheat Breeding Program here at Hays. (Nick) Hi, good morning. My name is Nick Weigel, I’m the Vice President of Technical Services with ADM Milling based in Overland Park, Kansas. And I’m very excited to be here in this beautiful weather in Hays today to celebrate our continued partnership with Kansas State University to develop high quality White Wheat varieties. Why is that important to ADM? Well, first of all we have a very important and growing business that’s based on using Kansas White Wheat. Also when we looked at this as an investment opportunity, we really saw the ability to benefit all the key stakeholders in the wheat value chain in Kansas. And so starting with Kansas State, the breeder level, establishing some of those strategic relationships to further their development of White Wheat and producing the high quality varieties. (Ernie) I certainly also want to acknowledge the key role that the Kansas wheat farmers through the Kansas Wheat Commission have played in helping bring this partnership together. (Nick) In terms of the Kansas farmer, the Kansas farmer is very important to ADM Milling. And we thought through this investment it was a way to show our support for the Kansas farmer. It was also really critical to further and foster some of those key relationships with our growers on White Wheat. And lastly, it was really…as we thought about our customers, it was about delivering value. And so when we think about wheat quality, we know that agronomics are very important, yield is important to the farmer, yield’s important to ADM Milling. But we also thought through this process we could bring end use quality evaluation to the table much sooner in the breeding process. And in the long term that would really deliver value and benefit our customers for using our white whole wheat flours in their products. (Ernie) The other thing that’s very, very important is, as we move forward, investments in public/private partnerships to keep key elements of wheat breeding program here at Hays and also at Manhattan going are so very, very important. Funding from the state and federal side of things is becoming more and more challenging, so these kinds of partnerships really fill key roles in our research pipeline. And I’m very, very grateful that we’ve had the opportunity to partner with ADM in this effort. (Nick) You know we’re very proud to be here, supporting the Kansas farmer, supporting Kansas State University. And we’re doing this in ways that are very meaningful to our business. We think that the ability to produce quality White Wheats is going to be critical going forward because we see increases in consumption of whole wheat flour. We also new and exciting and different ways to use grains in various food applications. So, again, thank you. We have a beautiful day. We had a great tour of the plots and some of the greenhouses and even some yield trials today that just looked fantastic, so very excited to be a part of this partnership.

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