Old World Bluestem

(Jamie) Were back! Let’s join Duane and Rick as they discuss Old World Bluestem.
(Duane) Duane Toews joining you once again here on AGam in Kansas while at the Kansas Grassland and Forage Council. An opportunity to talk with Rick Furnish, from Guyman, Oklahoma, about Old World Bluestem. Rick, you give a little different perspective than certainly those in central and eastern Kansas would look at it. It’s a more viable proposition for those in those low rainfall areas. (Rick) Yes sir. We live in different worlds and what will work for them doesn’t work for us. And what works for us, probably wasn’t going to work for them. We don’t have much trouble with invasion. They do. So, I understand their plight and I wouldn’t recommend anything or try to tell anybody how to run stuff that’s not in my area. (Duane) You’ve come through a period of extreme drought, panhandle of Oklahoma, western Kansas, north panhandle of Texas. Have things turned around for you at all at this point as far as the moisture’s concerned after this summer and fall? (Rick) Well, I hope so. We went from three and a half or four inches of rainfall in ’14 to this year we got 27.4 inches. But I don’t know that the drought’s broken. I appreciate all the moisture. I hope it continues but I wouldn’t bet on it. (Duane) So, talk a little bit about ranch management in that area utilizing Old World Bluestem. What kind of gain do you expect and are we talking stocker cattle or pairs that you’re working with primarily? (Rick) We work with exclusively stocker cattle. We run about one to the acre. We get about a pound, seventy five per acre for 90 days. It’s a 90 days grass out where we live. And that’s, you can run cows on it. And people that do that in our area, they utilize it for the whole year. (Duane) You’re in a part of the world where opportunity to utilize manure is pretty readily available I understand. Is that something that’s worked for you with the Old World Bluestem there? (Rick) No sir. We haven’t used, we put some on, some pig effluent, we put some on and it basically eliminated our grass over a period of time because of the salt. (Duane) As far as your final take home message, then for those individuals that were here at the conference in Manhattan about Old World Bluestem? (Rick) I would tell them to do what works for them. Because that’s what we all have to do. What they do won’t work for me. And what I do might not work for them. But I was just telling them what we do. (Duane) Our thanks to Rick Furnish with Hitch Ranch out of Guyman, Oklahoma, spoke at the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council Winter Conference in Manhattan. Certainly a product or a plant species that works in Guyman, Oklahoma, that Manhattan, Kansas, may not be so fond of. Jamie, back to you in studio.
(Jamie) Thanks, Duane. OK, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee, but don’t go far away – next up is this week’s Kansas Soybean Update.

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