Orrin Holle – Kansas Farm Book

(Orrin) My name is Orrin Holle. I’m from Rawlins County, Atwood, and I’m a fifth generation Kansas farmer. We started in Kansas in 1892 and been proud to be back in northwest Kansas and farming up there. I’ve been involved in Farm Bureau since the age of 18 at a young farmers and ranchers conference here in Manhattan. And been involved at the county level, been a county president, been the wife in our state chair and just had an awesome experience through Farm Bureau. And when I got a call from Meagan Cramer about being involved in this Kansas Farmer Book, we really jumped at the chance. We wanted to be able to tell our story and get it out to people that might not know a farmer and know exactly what our families do on a farm in Kansas. Scott Stebner is just an amazing talent When he came out to our farm, he did a quick glance around, saw a couple of locations he wanted to use and of course he wanted to get the timing right, get the sunset right. He wanted some clouds in the air, but what he could do with that camera to capture my children and my wife and myself in our surroundings it was just an incredible experience. He’s just a very truly passionate about photography and farming and is just a wonderful person to deal with. You know the involvement that I’ve had in Farm Bureau has really opened my eyes up to just how much pull and… oh for lack of better words, how much our organization means in this industry and in the nation. I am also currently serving on the Vote FBF Board and that involvement has really shown me how much our grass roots level from our counties all the way up to our PAC Board and then to the state and federal level, how much our organization means to candidates and it also means to those people that are staffing those candidates and they’re really wanting us to be involved with their candidate because it’s just a very big feather in their cap to have an organization behind them. And then also it opens up our doors to those urban areas that we… you know, the state of Kansas has basically three counties that can control the state. And we have to, as an organization, be able to open up our policies and our thoughts and processes to those urban areas and get those senators and representatives involved in our process. And get ag policy done at an urban area. The highlight of the young farmers and ranchers program that my wife Beth and I have been in for several years now is you come to a place and you’re together with 400+ young farmers and ranchers that are in the same positions you are. They have the same struggles with just getting started out, the same debt problems, the same struggles that all of us possess when we first start out in this industry and it’s just a good way to get to know people, to discuss our issues with other people and also just to see solutions. And just the social network is just amazing. Kansas Farm Bureau anywhere from the county level to the district level to the state level and even the national level, it’s been an incredible experience for my wife and I. We have friends all across the state and the nation and it’s been one of those organizations that allowed us to grow, to develop those leadership skills that we need to be able to network with other people and to be able to truly understand how important our industry is to produce food and fiber and to feed the nation and the world. And it’s just been a wonderful experience for us. I’d really encourage anybody that is thinking about joining Farm Bureau to go ahead and join and they’ll never regret their decision and never look back.

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