(Anna) Good morning, my name’s Anna Lemon. I’m from Lenexa, Kansas. But I live in Manhattan and I’m a Senior at K-State in Animal Science. These are my two oxen, Tip and then his half brother Buck. They’re both milking short horn steers. They’re 10 years old. I got my start with them at Mahaffie House in Olathe, Kansas, when I worked there. And then about a year and a half after I quit working there, I just happened to stop by and they had tore down their barn and decided to ask if they’d like to sell ’em and I bought ’em and here we are today. I go around to different little historical events Mahaffie House, we’ll go back to Mahaffie House or there’s a deal in Gardner, Kansas, with American Royal. We were just at the Blue Rapids parade back in July for their Fourth of July parade. So they go everywhere. Takes a lot of hard work to train ’em. They definitely test you. They’re like horses, they’ll test ya and see how you are. Like Tip right now. He keeps moving forward. I don’t want him to move forward, so I keep making him move back. Just a lot of hard work, patience, and a lot of groundwork because you walk beside ’em the whole time and it’s all voice commands. You don’t ride ’em on the back. And they definitely know that they are bigger than you so you have to earn that respect with ’em. And I like using oxen and working oxen because not everyone has ’em and it’s a great learning opportunity to share with people, especially people who think these are just bulls or cows. So, it’s neat to share about the history about ’em and the pioneers and how they brought the pioneers across the plains. It wasn’t horses, it was mainly oxen. Being an Animal Science major, it’s really given me an appreciation towards animals and where beef came from and a little bit about the pioneers has really gave me a greater appreciation for oxen and history and the animal science industry.

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