PAC Ted Howard

(Ted) I’m Ted Howard, I live at Oakley, Kansas. I work with PAC, the veterinary crew and go around to all the feedlots that we got, and try to help develop better horsemanship. The main thing we work on is have our horses really handy and relaxed. The cattle read off of what we do with our horses. Horses that are all on the muscle and too excited scares cattle, so we work real hard at keeping our horses real relaxed and confident. We do a lot of work with our hands and our bit and our horses’ mouths, to keep ’em relaxed. A lot of times we have way too much bit in our horse and it makes ’em nervous and real tense. So, we try to use a little less bit for the most part. I show ’em a lot of tips about how to make their horses turn around and have their feet, so that we can control their feet, so we don’t scare cattle. Horses feet moving too fast is the reason that cattle get scared and run away from us. We do a lot of work with emptying pens correctly so that we don’t get cattle all…get ’em to running and stuff. I travel in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Washington state as of right now. We got I think, PAC has over 100 feedlots in the United States including Australia.

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