Parks’ update on Merck Animal Health Summer Internships

(Dr. Tim Parks) I’m Dr. Tim Parks of Merck Animal Health, and today I’m here with Savannah Speckhart, who did an internship with
us over this past summer. She’s going to talk a little bit about the things that she did with us. (Savannah Speckhart) I’m a senior at K-State studying Animal Sciences and Industry, with an emphasis in Bioscience/Biotechnology. I spent 10 weeks of the summer in De Soto Kansas working in the R&D Department on cattle vaccines. There are a lot of tasks that I was involved in, but most specifically my main project was to evaluate new antibodies that came in through different procedures such as analyzer, for example. This was pivotal in making a potency assay to get the vaccine to market. (Tim) The internship that Merck offers, we had 20 interns that came in this year from 12 different colleges, and generally they were sophomores and juniors coming in for the most part. We had 20 excellent kids. They varied anywhere in swine sales, to research and development. We had some people that were involved in marketing there at De Soto. We had a gentleman that was involved with the Animal Health Corridor, and worked with that territory right there. Just a great group of kids, great future ahead of us for the people who are coming into the industry.

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