Parks with update on Merck Animal Health Research

(Dr. Tim Parks) Dr. Tim Parks, technical services veterinarian with Merck Animal Health. We’re here at Kansas State University, at the Stocker Unit today for the 2016 Stocker Conference. Had the opportunity to speak with the participants today on some of the things that Merck Animal Health has going on, some research that we’ve done here in the stocker industry over the past couple years. Looking at deworming protocols; looking at a fecal egg count reduction test database, which is a database that we’ve been able to put together that’s taken place over about the last eight years with about 25,000 samples in it. Seeing trends of what’s happening with worms, what’s happening with the efficacies of products as we look at cattle movement and what we’re doing with these deworming products. I also had the opportunity to visit a little bit about the Multi-drug Resistance Surveillance Program opportunity we’ve had with Kansas State University at the Olathe campus, where we’re taking samples from cattle that we deem to be healthy cattle, preferably cattle that have not received any antibiotics, and see what are the tendencies that are going on in these animals. Are the bacteria that are there, are we seeing increased resistance? Just exactly what’s taken place? We’ve got about 4,000 samples in that that are being evaluated and just looking at the trends of, again, of what’s going on with multi-drug resistance in bacteria in veterinary medicine.

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