Plain Talk about Blush

(Jamie) We’re back with Kyle and Duane for their thoughts about the involuntary response of blushing!
(Kyle) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with Duane Toews. (Duane) Kyle Bauer, your Fact or Fiction Question of the Day: When you blush, not only does your face get a little red, but the lining of your stomach does as well, fact or fiction? (Kyle) How does one even know that? Number one, I don’t think you could make that up. Duane) Really? (Kyle) Are you missing a pen or something? (Wayne) I am. (Kyle) I can see you- (Wayne) My mole- (Kyle) –picking around, you can have that one if you want. (Wayne) I’m lost without my pen and I can reach over and grab that one. (Kyle) All right, what, are you afraid of moving in front of the camera? (Wayne) No, I guess there’s people are watching us Kyle; lining of your stomach. (Kyle) Okay, I would say you could have made that up, I’ll go with true. (Wayne) It’s true. Now I want to know how they understand or know that. (Kyle) That’s what I think too and so what, they put a scope down and then they’re watching it and then they tell you something, makes you blush. (Wayne) Who’s going to blush when they got a scope down their throat? (Kyle) I agree, what would you have to be told, Duane Toews, that you would blush on the inside while you had a scope down? Don’t they give you an anesthetic when they put that down? (Duane) The scope? (Kyle) Yes. I’ve never had a scope. (Duane) Well, I’ve never seen it for real, I’m just going by things that I’ve seen on some TV show and I’ve seen it appear that, depending on the situation, I think sometimes they’ve done it all natural without any anesthesia– (Kyle) Or maybe they could just have a long pole that they could keep you from gagging. I think you’d be gagging. (Duane) I don’t know. (Kyle) There’s a lot of things we don’t know and we don’t hide it very well. (Duane) I hate to admit but I was young once yes and I was honery — (Kyle) Did a few ill-advised things. (Duane) As any other boy and I understand that you can have problems doing this now from something but I’m not sure if it’s related or not. I used to think it was really funny when mom made spaghetti and it was long– (Kyle) Oh my gosh, you didn’t. (Duane) And you would hang onto one end of it and swallow it and the other end would go down and then pull the spaghetti back out. (Kyle) Really? (Duane) Yes. (Kyle) I see, I thought you’re going to do a nose thing. (Duane) Oh no, I’m not going to do with your nose. (Kyle) Or you could do that trick. (Duane) That could have been a cool trick if you could have got it to come back up and out through. (Kyle) Well, how about just going down through your nose and into your- (Duane) Well, it’s hard to push a noodle, it’s hard to push a wet noodle up your nose. [sniffing] (Kyle) Sniff it. (Duane) Yes, sniff it. (Kyle) People are snorting all kinds of things these days. (Duane) Yes, unfortunately. (Kyle) Did you do that while your mom was watching? (Duane) Yes. (Kyle) And she thought it was amusing. (Duane) My mom, you got to give her kudos and credits. (Kyle) Just to survive three boys, three Toews boys, counting your dad. (Duane) She had three boys, that’d be four counting dad; she survived at all. I’m really sure how. (Kyle) I’m not sure my mom would have stood for me to do that. (Duane) For pulling spaghetti back out? (Kyle) And secondly, I don’t think I’m that smart. Do you have to kind of use under cooked spaghetti, is that better? Because I’m thinking it could– (Duane) Oh yes, I mean you don’t want it to the point that it break so easy. (Kyle) Not break, I mean like well yes, it comes apart because it’s all– (Duane) Mush. (Kyle) Mush, yes, mush. (Duane) No, I mean you wouldn’t want to– (Kyle) So a little undercooked would be good. (Duane) But you don’t want it too undercooked or it will break. (Kyle) So all you kids listening out there, if mom serves you a little undercooked spaghetti. (Duane) A little something you can do, just to see whether or not she’ll slap you upside the head.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.
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