Plain Talk about Brown Eyes

(Jamie) Thanks for staying with us! Now here’s Kyle and Duane with Plain Talk.
(Kyle Bauer) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk, with the smirking Duane Toews. You crack yourself up. (Duane Toews) I do often. I’m totally enamored with where this may go. Your Fact or Fiction question of the day, Kyle Bauer? (Kyle) I can’t wait. (Duane) Brown eyes are actually blue underneath, fact or fiction? (Kyle) You have blue eyes; I have brown eyes. You’re saying brown is blue–what do you mean underneath? (Duane) If you took a scalpel and you scrape the brown stuff off, they’d be blue under there. (Kyle) [laughs] Yes, that fiction. (Duane) It’s true. (Kyle) Come on. (Duane) Brown eyes, blue underneath, can actually get a surgery to turn brown eyes blue. (Kyle) But not the other way around. (Duane) Well yes, you’d have to add pigment then to make them brown. (Kyle) I have seen people with multicolor in their–is that the iris? Well, the part that shows color? I’ve seen people with kind of a stripe in it. Not on purpose. (Duane) Not with contacts. It wasn’t Halloween, and they were wearing cat eyes or anything. Have you seen those? (Kyle) Come to think of it; it might have been. No, it wasn’t. I assume the person had an injury, but now that you mention it, maybe they were born that way. (Duane) Well, all right. Could be a fashion statement. There are are a number of– (Kyle) What would you put on your driver’s license on eye color? (Duane) On what eye color? (Kyle) One brown, one blue, brown, blue, brown, blue, brown, blue, brown. (Duane) Multi… [laugh] …striped. Take your pick. (Kyle) Take your pick. The states with the biggest economies, you’ll get this right. (Duane) States? (Kyle) The state, number one state. Biggest state. (Duane) Biggest economy. California. (Kyle) Yes. 13% of our entire nation’s economy comes out of–yes. (Duane) One out of 50, has 13%? (Kyle) What did we look at a few weeks ago, that’s the same as France? I think. (Duane) I believe California is GDP. (Kyle) California’s GDP is as big as the whole country of France and just this last week France overtook Great Britain as number five in the world. (Duane) Really? (Kyle) Great Britain was number five, and– (Duane) Well this whole Brexit thing– (Kyle) They’ve had a little trouble with their currency recently. (Duane) Although Britain, they’ve always maintained their British pound. (Kyle) Yes. (Duane) They did not go to the Euro when they joined the EU. (Kyle) I think that’s true, yes. They had the Sterling pound, right. But it’s devalued on World Markets. Anyway, number two, you’ll get that one right too. (Duane) Number two and this is productivity? (Kyle) This is total dollars in GDP. (Duane) GDP, I’m going to go with Texas. (Kyle) Yes, yes. Then after that, it gets a little muddled. New York is number three. (Duane) That’s where I was going. (Kyle) Really? (Duane) Yes. (Kyle) You would’ve gotten that, I should’ve given you a chance. (Duane) Just because of the New York Stock Exchange and the amount of money that flows through there. (Kyle) Exactly. I’ll bet you Greater New York City is 2/3 of the state of New York. (Duane) Yes, apologies to you Upstate New York friends of ours but you don’t count for much. (Kyle) They know, they know, and they’re pretty proud of it. (Duane) And they just as soon be not part of– (Kyle) They’d just as soon succeed to Pennsylvania or Indiana anyway. I know Indiana is not contiguous all right? Do not call me on that. (Duane) I wondered where you were going with that. (Kyle) Yes, okay. Then we got Florida as number four, Illinois– (Duane) Really? (Kyle) Yes. Florida’s number four. (Duane) Now that one snuck in there because I am not terribly aware of their industry. (Kyle) Truest industry- drugs– [laughter] (Duane) That I don’t think that counts. If you can’t tax it, you can’t count it. (Kyle) I don’t know, there was a time that the Federal Reserve was shipping six billion dollars in cash a year out of Florida. If it goes in the Federal Reserve Bank, it’s counted. By the way, that was back about 25 years ago. (Duane) Yes
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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