Plain Talk about Green Eyes

(Jamie) Next up is Plain Talk about green eyes.
(Kyle Bauer) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with The Duane Alan Toews. (Duane Toews) Now that was an appropriate introduction. (Kyle) The. (Duane) The. (Kyle) Duane Alan Toews. (Duane) Who is it that uses “The”? (Kyle) Ohio State. (Duane) That really irritates me a lot. (Kyle) I know it does, and they even use it on ‘the’ television. (Duane) I see. I have a few – very few- (Kyle) Friends? (Duane) -who are alumni; they’re pretty particular about it. (Kyle) Let’s call them acquaintances. (Duane) Yes, I don’t want to call them friends anymore. (Kyle) Exactly. (Duane) No one should have friends that are that, what shall we say? (Kyle) Braggadocios? (Duane) Braggadocios? Something like that. (Kyle) I’m not going to have to spell it am I? (Duane) No. Your Fact or Fiction Question of the Day Kyle Bauer: Two percent of the Earth’s population has green eyes, naturally. Two percent green eyes. (Kyle) Green eyes and red hair go together, and I thought I read that red hair; two percent of the population had red hair. But you’d think that there would be some people- (Duane) A few outliers. (Kyle) Yes, well that didn’t have green eyes and red hair, they might have blue eyes. Doubt if there are many natural redheads with brown eyes, I’ve never seen that. Two percent, sure, I’ll go with True. (Duane) That’s what it says, two percent. (Kyle) You’d think there’d be some outliers, and maybe I’m wrong in that red hair thing, but I thought it was two percent on red hair too. Maybe I’m wrong on that. (Duane) Well the “Old Irish Eyes are upon you.” (Kyle) Do you like red hair? (Duane) Do I like red hair? Well, I don’t have red hair but I really have nothing against it. (Kyle) Okay, for me it’s my kryptonite. (Duane) Really? As like bad? (Kyle) No. (Duane Toews) It’s like you really appreciate it. (Kyle Bauer) Melt me to my boots. (Duane) Really? (Kyle) Especially if it’s on a girl, more so than if it’s on a boy. (Duane) The guys – really not so much. [Laughter] (Kyle) It’s my kryptonite. (Duane) Well, I wouldn’t say it’s my kryptonite, I probably have a few other faults that would be more – (Kyle) I didn’t say this was a fault. I’m proud of it. (Duane) Mine would be faults. None the less, I don’t know about two percent having red hair, it’s kind of an Irish thing, I’m sure there are others, but it’s common. (Kyle) Good point and Irish is the second highest number of immigrants in this country behind Germany. (Duane) It’s still staggering, we’ve talked before about the Irish immigration to the United States, with the Great Potato Famine, it’s bizarre. (Kyle) Yes, it was. (Duane) It is hard to fathom, that many people leaving a country. (Kyle) But like two thirds of the country left, just a staggering number. But you have these things, I mean, over there might not be any good, but here we’re starving. You had to get the money together to do it, but in a lot of cases in the New World, you, well I don’t want to say “the New World” because that sounds like its in 1400’s, but in the United States, someone sponsored you, someone paid your way. You had family, you had friends and you became an indentured servant. (Duane) Somewhat indentured too, indebted for sure. (Kyle) Do you know why in the cities in the east there were generally Irish fireman and policeman? (Duane) No idea. (Kyle) Because those were low paying jobs but you could get the job. And they were all new immigrants and you picked your group – (Duane) Willing to work and it was a job to do. (Kyle) Willing to work and it was a job and they paid and so it’s like, Hey, it’s better than starving to death, and a year ago that’s what we were doing in Ireland.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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