Plain Talk about Penguins

(Jamie) Welcome back for Plain Talk’s look at Penguins!
(Kyle) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with Duane Toews. (Duane) You tried to run that one by me. (Kyle) What? (Duane) You were nearly going to start before I was prepared and I’m always prepared. Everybody knows how prepared I am for this show. (Kyle) Yes, whatever. This is a highly succinct show. (Duane) The last three times, we never even got to what we were going to talk about, I don’t think. Why? (Kyle) Well, the good news is the show material goes a lot further while we don’t use any of it. (Duane) Because my Fact or Fiction is thought provoking and stimulating. For example, a male penguin, it checks out the herd of female penguins out there. (Kyle) Only in the Southern Hemisphere. (Duane) I have no idea. (Kyle) There’s no penguins in the Northern Hemisphere. (Duane) There are not? (Kyle) Well, except in zoos. (Duane) I was going to say I saw one in San Diego. A male penguin decides on the female penguin that he’s going to approach as a mate. He picks out and searches the beach for the perfect pebble. Picks up that pebble and drops it at her foot. If she accepts the pebble, they are now Mr. and Mrs. Penguin. (Kyle) I think I saw this in some animated movie or did I see this on the Discovery Channel or did I have a bad dream? I think that’s to be confirmed. (Duane) It was a TV commercial. (Kyle) Was it a TV commercial? (Duane) Yes, it was. I’ll tell you more about it later. (Kyle) Okay, all right. Well since it was on a commercial, I believe it to be true. (Duane) That’s what it says. Yes, really in the wild. (Kyle) What does she do with that rock after she accepts it? (Duane) Probably picks it up and thumps him on the head with it I guess, I don’t know. What do most women do with a rock? (Kyle) Put it on their finger. (Duane) Yes. Well, hard for penguins, they don’t have fingers. (Kyle) They don’t? Put on their flipper. (Duane) They have flippers and they have feet. (Kyle) I have seen a lot of video of swimming penguins. They are quite the swimmers. (Duane) Yes. That’s one of our favorite stops at the zoo when we go to the zoo if they have penguins at the zoo. (Kyle) You are a zoo person; I’m not a zoo person. (Duane) My family likes the zoo. (Kyle) Yes, not to stay. (Duane) Just to visit. (Kyle) Just to visit? (Duane) Yes. (Kyle) Okay. (Duane) Let’s clarify. (Kyle) Yes. No, I bet there isn’t a year that goes by that your family doesn’t go to the zoo somewhere. (Duane) That’s probably fair, yes. Omaha is one that’s fairly common for people in the Midwest to go to. We go every several years. (Kyle) Except for me. Never been there. (Duane) I said fairly common. You are uncommon. (Kyle) I’m fairly uncommon. (Duane) Yes. (Kyle) Okay. (Duane) They have a great penguin exhibit there and I like watching the penguins swim in the water. (Kyle) And do they come shooting out and thoomp? (Duane) Sometimes, they do. Other times, they just keep swimming back and forth. (Kyle) Yes, but I’ve seen, I mean where they are like if they want to get up on the land, they don’t just saunter up there. They come flying up and pada. (Duane) No. They don’t have any hands to pull themselves up. You’ve got to get enough clearance that your feet get there. (Kyle) So that’s the way they get out of water every time? (Duane) Yes, absolutely. (Kyle) They go blowing out of there. That’s cool. And they aren’t the greatest at walking either. (Duane) No, they kind of paddle around. They don’t have knees. I am just making that up. I don’t know whether they do or not. (Kyle) They don’t have a place to put the ring, or put the rock. (Duane) Well, look at the penguin. I don’t think they have knees. They have a one joint leg. (Kyle) Why do you think God made penguins? (Duane) To eat little fishes in the ocean? (Kyle) That’s their job, just to eat little fishes? (Duane) And provide food source for walrus and seals. (Kyle) Tastes like chicken boys. (Duane) There you go.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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