Plain Talk about Stem Cells

(Jamie) Next up is Plain Talk with Kyle and Duane’s thoughts on stem cells.
(Kyle) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with the Duane Toews. (Duane) Kyle Bauer your Fact or Fiction Question of the Day: When a woman, who is pregnant, suffers from an injury or malady to her body, it’s possible for the baby to send stem cells to help her recover. Fact or fiction? (Kyle) Okay. Stem cells are in the blood stream and the baby and the mother are connected through the placenta and the umbilical cord and the mother passes blood to the baby, so I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t all go through. Duane: That’s what it says. They said- (Kyle) That makes sense to me. (Duane) The example they give is a pregnant woman having a heart attack and suffering heart damage, they’re actually- (Kyle) Have a better chance recovering because those stem cells of that baby- (Duane) Instant. Which, that seems crazy. (Kyle) There is some amazing stuff they’re doing with stem cells these days and I personally have had some stem cell treatment and- (Duane) How did you get along? (Kyle) Why, I don’t know. [laughter] (Kyle) Took 57 years to wear out this body. It’s going to take more than 57 days to build her back up. (Duane) To fix it again. (Kyle) And the procedure I did, I survived the procedure. (Duane) Good. That’s a plus. Step number one, you’ve got to come back out from the facility. (Kyle) And so, it kind of remains to be seen. I have a lot of friends, a lot. I have several friends that have had it done all with success and it was really cool and they seem to think I have a fair chance of having success myself. We will see, I am very optimistic. (Duane) All right. (Kyle) You know, the interesting thing is, wow, I don’t know if we should go into this this far or not. You know, it’s my knees is my problem, my main problem though with stem cells- (Duane) [laughs] Okay, Kyle, let’s be honest- (Kyle) -all right let’s just line them up. (Duane) You have a number of other problems- (Kyle) Okay, the main thing that I treated for was my knees. And there was a time maybe two months after I had the treatment that my knees actually hurt more. I’m thinking, I think that’s a good sign. (Duane) Yes, did you call back and ask? (Kyle) No. (Duane) [laughs] You just left yourself in the dark. (Kyle) It’s like, I’m okay. Ignorance is bliss and I am the happiest guy in Kansas. (Duane) [laughs] All right. (Kyle) But I thought it might make sense, because of the fact that something is going on in there. Something changed in there, so, I don’t know and now recently, I think, that yet is- (Duane) Some side- (Kyle) -no, significant improvement. But I- (Duane) Whether it maintains. (Kyle) -and I suspect it will get better than this. And so the jury is still out. (Duane) All right. (Kyle) The jury is just me, one person jury. (Duane) It’s a one man jury. (Kyle) But I have every reason to be optimistic and I was optimistic enough to put my money up and I’m glad I did. (Duane) It’s interesting it’s all in individual’s perception of too- (Kyle) Of what success is? (Duane) -yes, to one person feeling a little better than what they were before is success. (Kyle) That’s a good one. (Duane) To another person, they feel like jumping over tall buildings. And if they don’t- (Kyle) Yes, and it’s like ever since I had the stem cell things I can’t play the violin. (Duane) Yes. [laughs] (Kyle) Of course, I never could before either. (Duane) [laughs] Couldn’t do it before. (Kyle) [laughs] Or the trumpet. (Duane) You never know. (Kyle) And I wasn’t worth a darn at basketball or anything else. But when this is done, I am going to be great in all of them!
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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