Plain Talk: Jockeys, with Kyle Bauer and Duane Toews

Jamie)We’re back with Kyle and Duane on Plain Talk. The Fact or Fiction Question of the Day is – can an American jockey bet on their horse?
(Kyle Bauer) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with Duane Toews. (Duane Toews) Kyle Bauer, your Fact or Fiction question of the day: American jockeys the only sports figures who can bet on their own race. Fact or fiction? (Kyle) Wow. That could sure help their income. I’ve always understood that was the big thing on horse racing in general, was that was your chance. They own horse or train horse, that was where you made your big money, was your betting. I’m saying if the trainer can, if the owner can, the jockey can, true. (Duane) It is true. (Kyle) Did not know that. (Duane) Any other sports figure, well, look at old Pete Rose, he got in a lot of trouble with the whole baseball thing and– (Kyle) Wasn’t there even a golf player that got in some trouble on that? (Duane) I’m not sure about at all. (Kyle) Maybe he was– (Duane) There was a basketball official that got in a lot of trouble. Of course, you’re kind of a– (Kyle) Wasn’t high school, was it? (Duane) [laughs] No. (Both) [laughter] (Duane) Not high school. Professional. (Kyle) Okay. (Duane) However, you’re impacting. I got to thinking about that why would it be a problem for a jockey to bet on it, because he’s only going to bet to win or to do well? (Kyle) Oh, he can bet on himself only, not on somebody else in race. (Duane) Well, it doesn’t say whether he can bet on anybody else or not. (Kyle) I see. See I figured. Okay I’m betting on Old Bob, and all of sudden we’re coming around the home stretch. Now, I’m ahead of Old Bob. (Duane) I kind of ease her on back. (Kyle) Yes, ease her on back and– (Duane) I’m not sure. (Kyle) Well, we can’t be the first guys ever thought of this. I suspect there some rule in there. We watched the friend of ours horse run in New Orleans here, a month or so ago. That was kind of fun. (Duane) It was a good time. (Kyle) What was really interesting though was I bet a nice little amount on his horse to win. He’s coming around the last curve and he was leading, and I’m going, Yes, he’s leading, he says, Yes, he isn’t going to win. It’s like; This is too long race for him. It’s like; He’d be lucky to even finish. [laughs] He was leading coming out of the last curve. Sure enough– (Duane) It wasn’t that he walked across the finish line. (Kyle) But he finished dead last. (Duane) He was, maybe, down to a trot. (Kyle) Yes. I thought, Oh my gosh, if the owner knew that he wasn’t going to do very well. Obviously, the trainer knew he wasn’t going to do very well. Obviously, everybody in the whole race knew that he wasn’t going to do well, except- (Duane) Except you. (Kyle) – except Kyle. I’m thinking so if they knew he didn’t run that long a race, why in the world- (Duane) Would you ever run him in that race? (Kyle) – would you run him in it. (Duane) Probably has something to do– (Kyle) Because he can’t run again for three weeks. (Duane) Yes, but it might have been the only race they could get him in. (Kyle) I guess. (Duane) If everything else is booked up, you kinda take what you can get, and you hope for the best. (Kyle) [laughs] Even the owner knew that he couldn’t win. (Duane) Here’s the deal though. The trainer gets paid, regardless. The owner pays the trainer; the owner pays the jockey regardless of how the horse does. (Kyle) Wow. I’m thinking if I’m the owner and the trainer did that to me, I wouldn’t be very happy. (Duane) Well, do you not remember our friend mentioning that he asked the trainer why are we running the race this long? (Kyle) No. What’s the answer? (Duane) He didn’t say what the trainer’s answer was. He questioned why he was ever running the race that long. (Kyle) When he told me as we’re coming into the final turn, coming out of final turn, yes, I don’t — no matter. (Duane) Don’t get your hopes up. (Kyle) Yes. He’s lucky to finish the race, and sure enough it was something like that.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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