Plain Talk with Kyle Bauer and Duane Toews

(Jamie) We’re back with Farm Factor and this week’s Plain Talk with Kyle and Duane Toews.
(Kyle Bauer) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with the Duane Toews. I’m trying to say it much more calmly. (Duane Toews) It was a little melodramatic that time. (Kyle) Well, it’s like you don’t like it when I’m too- (Duane) Make a big fanfare and then you got to hit the medium. You’ve got to hit the sweet spot. (Kyle) On average, it is good. (Duane) The old bucket of hot water, bucket of cold water. (Kyle) The average is good. (Duane) There you go. (Kyle) Okay. (Duane) Your Fact or Fiction, Kyle Bauer, Question of the Day is kind of interesting, I’ve got some weddings coming up in my family. Unfortunately, part of it I get to pay for. Not overly excited about that. (Kyle) I can tell. [Laughs] (Duane) Originally, bridesmaids were- [laughs] (Kyle) You’re hiding it very well. (Duane) Yes, sorry, girls. Originally, bridesmaids were not there for moral support but to confuse evil spirits, Fact or Fiction? (Kyle) Now I had understood early on groomsmen were there to protect the groom. (Duane) From? (Kyle) From- (Duane) All the other guys? They would want the bride? (Kyle) Well, I think it was the bride’s family. (Duane) [Laughs] Nothing like protecting them from the in-laws. That’s not a good sign. You picked bad if you need protection. (Kyle) [Laughs] The best advice I ever got, I was 18 years old sitting in the Morganville cafe and sitting there next to Roy Meek, and Roy Meek said, “You know, when you boys get married, you think you’re marrying that pretty little thing standing next to you. You’re really marrying all the people sitting behind her in church.” (Duane) [Laughs] Yes. (Kyle) I’ll tell you what; it changed my point of view for the rest of my life. And in fact, every wedding I’ve gone to since I’ve looked at the people behind– [laughs] (Duane) I got some marriage advise from my college judging team coach. (Kyle) All right. (Duane) When I was at community college, he said, “You know, it be a pretty good idea if you took a real good hard look at mom while you’re dating, because that’s a pretty good indication of just exactly who you’re going to be living with 40 years down the road.” (Kyle) I wouldn’t call it exactly. (Duane) Well– (Kyle) A somewhat indication. (Duane) A fair indicator. (Kyle) Yes. Well, we and animal and agriculture- (Duane) It’s genetics. (Kyle) – we understand it’s the genetic thing. Good, bad or indifferent. (Duane) The maternal seems to carry through much stronger than the paternal. (Kyle) Yes, what are EDPs, right? (Duane) EPDs. (Kyle) EPDs. Yes, the EPDs on the maternal side are very strong, right? (Duane) Correlation is good. (Kyle) Yes. Freedom Tax Day. Tax Freedom Day, by state. (Duane) I don’t really understand that. It seems like you take taxes out of my check all the way through the end of the year. (Kyle) Well, it isn’t exactly illegal but you haven’t caught on. (Duane) [Laughs] Okay. There was supposed to be a Tax Freedom Day. (Kyle) Yes, so it’s like now this is how far you’ve got to work for the year to pay the taxes in that particular state and all the rest of the year, all those earnings are yours. (Duane) Go to you? (Kyle) Okay? (Duane) You get to keep it? (Kyle) Right. (Duane) How far into the year did we get this year? (Kyle) Well, according to Kansas it’s April 9th but interestingly enough Texas is April 10th. I’d say it’s insignificant. (Duane) That’s pretty close. (Kyle) Oklahoma is April 6th. Come on. (Duane) Still probably not statically different. (Kyle) Nebraska is April 12th, Missouri is April 8th, Iowa is April 9th, and South Dakota is April 4th. I mean we’re all just right- (Duane) Together? (Kyle) – here together within a week. It’s all about the same. (Duane) Well, all of your federal tax would be the same. (Kyle) Yes. So you’d have local and state. (Duane) Right.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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