Plain Talk with Kyle Bauer and Duane Toews

(Jamie) Welcome back! Let’s see what Kyle and Duane are up to on Plain Talk.
(Kyle Bauer) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer with Plain Talk with Duane Toews. (Duane Toews) I’m here and in person. (Kyle) In person. (Duane) Your Fact or Fiction Question of the Day, Kyle Bauer. The eagle, the most common mascot of high school and college teams in the United States. Fact or Fiction? (Kyle) Fiction. It’s the tiger. (Duane) But you’re wrong. (Kyle) It is the eagle? (Duane) It is the eagle. 74 mascots listed for– (Kyle) Is this college? (Duane) High school and college, both. (Kyle) Only 74? (Duane) 74 colleges. (Kyle) Okay. (Duane) 24 schools are the Eagles in high school. (Kyle) There’s 24 Tigers just within a hundred miles of here. (Duane) [Laughs] Yes, I’m thinking that. 24 schools are Eagles. (Kyle) You got it right, because you have the piece of paper. (Duane) I did the research and it says it’s true. (Kyle) Yes, there you go. (Duane) It’s all that really matters. (Kyle) Let’s see. Let’s talk water. (Duane) I like to drink it. (Kyle) You don’t either, you hardly ever drink water. (Duane) You don’t know whether I drink it outside of the office. (Kyle) [Laughs] That’s true. (Duane) I have cut my consumption of Mountain Dew. (Kyle) I have cut my consumption of coffee way down for water as well. (Duane) Which, water is the first ingredient in both of those things. (Kyle) Exactly. (Duane) Why do I get such a bad rap for not drinking water? (Kyle) Listen, in all of the bad raps that you got in your life- (Duane) That’s not the worst. (Kyle) -that’s not the worst. (Duane) Not even close. (Kyle) Okay. You haul water in a tank. (Duane) No. (Kyle) You were going with bottle, you were going with canister. (Duane) You haul water in a jug. (Kyle) I haul water in a tank. (Duane) Really? (Kyle) Yes. (Duane) I thought you served water in a tank. (Kyle) There you go. Anyway, you’re ruining my whole deal, stop it. Play along with me. (Duane) I’m trying. (Kyle) Okay. You know one of my heroes in life is Winston Churchill. (Duane) He is one of your heroes. (Kyle) Yes. He was Secretary of the Navy during the First World War. (Duane) For? (Kyle) Britain. Thank you, because some won’t know that. You’re right, for Britain. They had this new concept about a land rover type thing on tracks that would take this warfare out of the trenches and be able to move things along a lot better. They developed it, they were developing it, but they wanted to keep it a big secret, of course. By the way, you think about the Navy, he’s secretary of the Navy; he’s developing this land thing, right? (Duane) Doesn’t really make sense. (Kyle) Doesn’t really make sense. (Duane) Why is that? (Kyle) Because nobody else would and he thought it was a great idea. They developed this thing that would move along, but he wanted to make sure it was kept a secret and the shells that they put on it looked like water canisters. He told people it was a means of hauling water to people in battle. Therefore, they called it the tank. It has stuck ever since then. The canisters, of course, no longer have water in them. (Duane) No, explosive devices. Although I’m fairly certain word spread quickly that the water delivery device happened to be carrying an arsenal with it. (Kyle) They might have caught on. (Duane) Wouldn’t take long for the cat to be out of the bag.
(Jamie) Thanks for joining us. I’m your host Jamie Bloom and I hope you enjoyed today’s show. See you next week on Farm Factor – we’re here every Tuesday on AGam in Kansas.

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